The Rock/CM Punk

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  1. I presume we all agree that this was Rock's best match since his return? Punk looked like gold and seemingly controlled the match -- good thing obviously -- and Rock looked in better cardio shape than he has since his return. Also the way the match was booked was great. Punk looked strong as hell (kicked out of Rock Bottom and People's Elbow, and had Rock down for like 6) and it was booked in a way that Rock winning was a "Awesome" moment and not a "Well, we all predicted that" moment.

    Thought I would give some props to The Rock for bothering to obviously practise (many in his position wouldn't) and to CM Punk as well for giving us a fantastic main event.
  2. The Rumble match was better.
  3. Better match than the rumble. Rock's cardio still isn't the best but it is better definitely.
  4. You guys rated the Rumble match better than this...? Really? Wow.
  5. No. Jonathan did. I clearly said that this was better than the rumble.
  6. I skim-read, thought it said something else. Jonathan you're crazy.
  7. WAY better match .Wouldnt mind Punk dorpping the title in this match I mean ... he kicked out of a RB and a PE like a boss. However when punk was gonna hit rock with the title...I knew that would happen
  8. Incredibly good match. Made Punk look amazing after the upsetting end to the Rumble match! A little predictable when he picked up the belt but that didn't take away from how much I enjoyed it. Also, the way it played out with Punk getting the huge count unseen by the officials has to be leading to something!
  9. I enjoyed it because Punk was in the match... I am not going to enjoy seeing the once, in a life time match again this WM though.
  10. Considering the way that match finished , its gonna be punk vs rock vs cena
  11. I sure hope so. I don't want it to just be Cena and Rock again.
  12. It was a good match, much, much better than the Rumble match. Both in booking and in-ring stuff. Punk looked very strong, loved that, exceeded my expectations.
  13. AW: The Rock/CM Punk

    I do also think that the rumble match was slightly better...

    Two fights and there spanish announce table spot was botched twice... I wonder which was more painful to Rocky?
  14. Spanish announce table stuff was great. First time the table was too weak, on the second one they thought, well hey, let's reinforce it, I actually predicted it. When they were going to the announce table I thought "lol it'd be funny if they reinforced it and it didn't break". And then :lol1:
  15. Yea I thought it was funny to, it either breaks easily or doesn't break at all. lol
    But it was a good match overall, way better than their Rumble match and without a doubt the best for Rock since his return, and the finish was well done imo.
  16. Agreed. Nothing to add, really.
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