The Rock in WWE '13

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Come on now THQ, dude's way more ripped. :downer:
  2. 404 not found. :downer:
  3. Works for me. EA need to take control of the WWE games.
  4. He's got one of the better models IMO.
  5. Rock looks pretty good in-game. :otunga:
  6. Did you see what happened when EA tried to do an MMA game? Idts, let THQ do WWE, they just need to bring back some old stuff like season mode.

    On topic: The Rock looks like Johnathan Coachman in this game
  7. I googled the photos. I think the models they made are cool! I'm still mad about Ziggy's entrance. :downer:
  8. I mean, the neck and chest look good, but his stomach looks flat and in a straight line down, when it goes from big to small in the real picture.
    Like the line from his ribs to his hips.
    Plus, his biceps are quite bigger aswell. I love them for creating this, but the real life comparison is a little off.
  9. And his face looks good also.. Right??!! :tough:
  10. Eric Bischoff has more muscles.

  11. Face looks good indeed.

    In WWE '12 they didn't do the beard.. He looked so bald and naked.. :laugh:
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