The Rock is back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nano, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. When I watch WWE, I see everyone, including The Shield, but Rock isn't there, he is the WWE camp and every single person loves him, but I think he should be fighting there, not only at PPV or only going to talk, he should fight and appear more in Raw or SmackDown! What do you people think?
  2. Not necessarily. Rock can fart holding that title and people will take notice. Rock might not be wrestling on TV but he doesn't need to. He is a legend, a special attraction. To have him wrestle on TV for free will devalue his appearances in a sense. Rather have him on TV talking and then have him out in the media representing the company, which he does as champ. He brings eyes to the product that guys like Punk, Cena and Dolph cannot provide.
  3. Yeah, maybe if he fights he devalue his appearances, but think about it, a champ that is almost never in WWE shows, and yes, maybe he bring eyes like other can't do, but I think that a fight and an appearance once a month is not enough to the WWE champ, I don't know, I think he should go out to the ring to talk or something more...
  4. The Rock has since he returned after new years missed ONE show. He i signed on for the entire road to wrestlemania. There won't be a lack of Rock appearances.
  5. You count one, I say there are more, after RR he came out like what about... 3 times of 5 since now and only to talk about he was the champ and to say who would fight at EC
  6. The answer to this question is subjective. Some may say he's back and some may say he's part timing. What can't be denied is that he will be gone after Mania. Still love him though :rock:
  7. I love him too, but I don't think that he's really coming back as he say, he's the champ and he's never with the people. Is it the people era or the left era? He's supposed to be the people's champ, so I don't know, he's a legend but he should do something more, not just only appear the week before and after a PPV... I don't call that a return
  8. I think last monday was the first RAW he's missed in a month or two. He even did a smackdown show.
  9. Lol no. He has better things to do. With bigger checks.
  10. Last monday night RAW was the first he missed after RR, or in s month, you're right, but next week we'll watch him and after the EC again one or two shows and then have to wait untill the week beefore wrestlemania


    One that FINALLY is with me!! =)
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