The Rock is set for WrestleMania 32

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  1. I was reading some news about him basically being on board for this, like this is news.. lol But somewhere it did mention a match against Brock. I would love to see that. I mean who else would/could the Rock face?
  2. At this point, I see The Rock facing either Lesnar or HHH.
  3. The Rock vs Triple H has been rumored for months, and they even planted the seeds for it during their segment together at Wrestlemania this year. They wanted Ronda Rousey to be involved again as well (either in a match with Stephanie or a mixed tag match with them teaming with Rock and HHH on opposite sides), but Dana White put the kibosh on any idea involving her competing and so her involvement is officially out. Word is that Rock vs HHH is still the official plan at the moment, but we'll see.
  4. I would rather see triple h vs the Rock and Brock vs Daniel or Roman.
  5. Ideally, and this wouldn't happen btw. I want to see Roman turn heel and fight the rock. DB wins the rumble and faces Seth for the WWE world title in the main event. Brock fights stone cold.
  6. The Rock vs. Triple H in the WrestleMania match they never had, would be great. I'd love to see them make another classic, one more time. Brock vs. Rock doesn't feel special especially since Lesnar is a tweener and will get cheered no matter who he kills. It would be quite awkward when Lesnar beats the shit out of the Rock and everyone's laughing and cheering.
  7. Brock vs Rock would bring in all the cash
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  8. I wouldn't mind if this happened, actually. Can you imagine Paul and the rock exchanging words for weeks on raw? Gold.

    Plus, Brock doesn't need to turn heel here... Much like when cena fought the rock, both faces can battle each other. Works well and would create a huge buzz
  9. Triple H vs Rock would be great for nostalgia but Brock vs Rock is the money match, no doubt.

    Although I wouldn't guarantee that he will do another match, at least against Brock. He caught a couple injuries last time he was in the ring with John Cena, who is a real safe worker.

    I definitely don't think Rock is gonna be taking Cenas place on Raw and headlining the next couple PPVs like a lot of people are speculating
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  10. And it rhymes so think of all the puns. Puns for days. Rock better bring is guitar.
  11. Using simple deductive reasoning, The Rock vs Brock Lesnar should headline Wrestlemania 32 and nothing else (even though I profess to not caring a whole lot for it, personally.) If you want Wrestlemania 32 to be the biggest event it can possibly be, then it should be headlined by the biggest possible money match there is. And the biggest possible money match there is at the present time (reasonably speaking) is The Rock vs Brock Lesnar.

    The only exceptions is if The Rock himself prefers working with someone he feels would be a much safer opponent and much less physical match, or if movie producers have put the kibosh on it on account of feeling uneasy about seeing their meal ticket get pummeled and suplexed (and possibly injured) by a 300-pound human gorilla.
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  12. I agree with you about the rock and Brock being the biggest draw. However, I don't see movie producers having a say as to who he can fight at mania. Unless there's some legal reason as to why he can't fight at mania, period, how can they just say "sorry can't fight Brock because he may hurt
  13. There is no other match-up for the Rock that would be better money wise but didn't consider him wanting to face someone who would be less "hard" in the ring. If I am not mistake, Brock and Rock did have real life tension at one point.
  14. With the kind of money and history these 2 will make with this match, all
    Water under the bridge I'm sure. They're both professionals and older. Have families to think about. I'm sure if they did have an issue at some point, it won't affect their match.
  15. I am saying it would make for a better match though not that they would hurt each other for real on purpose.
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