THE ROCK is the one and only wrestler who is always greatful to the business dat created him! Agree?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by madmax123, Feb 19, 2014.

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  2. He disowned WWE for four years and only mentioned his CFL career.
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  3. Rock is grateful to the business, yet he can become a complete sellout and avoid any mention of WWE anywhere. Really.
  4. Who cares either way lol.
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  5. He will always be the tooth fairy to me.
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  6. Undertaker says Hi.
  7. :eww2:
  8. Um, he left the business behind in pursuit of a movie career in Hollywood. Not that I BLAME him or anything, but I don't think someone who chose another career over pro wrestling can technically be said to be more passionate about the business than everybody else. I'd say guys like Flair, Angle, Undertaker, Austin and John Cena (just to name a few) all easily love the business more than The Rock. Austin continued to wrestle despite his bad neck, Angle has wrestled against doctor's orders plenty of times, HHH has always worked hard and will one day take on the responsibilities of running the entire place, Undertaker has been at it for thirty years and counting, Flair has wrestled for longer than anyone on this forum has been alive and John Cena has been the hardest working man in the WWE for nearly a decade and has had the burden of carrying the company on his back more than any other wrestler in history.
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  9. No offense intended to anyone, but threads like this make me think there should be a minimum post count required before you can start threads.

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  10. If I don't have 3,000 posts like you that makes me an immature asshole. :please:
  11. And you took offense. Oh, well.

    My point was simply that....

    You know what? Think what you want. It really makes no difference to me. Your whole point was to come out and state a point that I presume you thought was "edgy" or something to stir shit up. That, the capitalization of THE ROCK in your OP, and your lack of grammatical and spelling capability really make it not worth my time.

    Thanks for your input.

  12. Actually sir, I didn't take offense. It was simply a joke and you took offense to it. I win. :umad:
    Edit: You need to loosen up brahh. Theres no need for interweb-warriors here.
  13. Whatever you say, bubba. You win.

    I didn't even know it was a competition.

  14. Jesus. I didn't know that my comment effected you to post a paragraph. I do not think it is a competition, you obviously have the bigger dick sir. i am srry
  15. None taken at all :emoji_slight_smile:

    The only reason I disagree is because nobody is perfect when they first start somewhere, it takes a while to adjust.

    The threads I have posted in hindsight are below-par and not good, but I'm sure with guidance and experience we will get better.

    A little patience pretty please? :((
  16. What's your problem this time?

    To answer the OP -- not at all. While I do appreciate Rock coming back when he doesn't have to, let's not pretend it isn't somewhat financially motivated. Of course he's grateful and he seems like a humble dude, but to say he's the only one is crazy considering some of the actions Rock has taken in the past (not that I blame him).
  17. Let's put it like this: The Rock came back when he didn't have to back in 2001-2002 (just when his movie career was taking off), to put over Lesnar because Austin had walked. He gambled his movie career to come back and put over a young lion.

    While a lot of his actions are without a doubt financially motivated, he definitely loves the business he's been born into.
  18. I'm all for patience and I'm all for letting people adjust. It's just that sometimes we've seen (us old timers, you whippersnapper) threads that are obvious troll/flame threads started by....shall we people. I just don't jump into things quite that quickly and think folks should probably get their feet wet around a place before trying to take over. I'm old and I fear change.

    You, however, @Wilby I like for some reason.

  19. I like pie

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  20. How'd you know?

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