News The Rock major target for 2015 HOF

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  1. Makes perfect sense if his match next year is his last (which he's more or less said it would be.) Really, really not looking forward to a match with Lesnar, but it would make perfect sense as Rock's retirement.

    Austin should be the one to induct The Great One, but I get the feeling they'll have Cena do it instead.
  2. Foley should be the one IMHO. I know he main evented 3 Mania's with SCSA, but his best matches, moments and feuds were with Mick.
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  3. That would make so much sense. Mick bought out the best in the Rock, whereas with Stone Cold the Rock was mostly fed to him. But I doubt Mick has enough "starpower" to satisfy Vince.
  4. Plus he was shitting all over the product recently lol.

  5. It has to be Foley, as you guys said Rocky was at his best with Mic.
  6. and don't forget the Rock n Sock Connection! lol
  7. Forgot all about Foley. But I can see them wanting a bigger star to do the honors instead. I'm reminded of how it would have made the most sense to have Trish's greatest rival, Lita, induct her into the HOF last year but they had Stephanie do it instead (though Trish might at least be the one to induct Lita this year.)
  8. Rocky probably took 10 years off of Mick's life in that 99 Royal Rumble match, the least they can do is let Foley induct him into the HOF.
  9. They should target David Arquette as the celebrity inductee, the only celebrity inductee to become the World Champion, that's Vince Russo - Crash TV For ya! :silva:

  10. why would he go in the wwe hof if he still is wrestling ppv?
  11. why not
  12. So looks like Dwayne is gonna come back for WM31 wrestle a match and get inducted to the 2015 hall of fame what a joke that means another WM will be ruined with him hogging the spotlight while a young talent who is busting their ass all year round wont get a WM spot
  13. Does anyone else read BLFFL's punctuation-free posts like a little kid that is trying to cram too many thoughts into one breath?

    I feel exhausted by the time I get to the end.
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  14. I'd be fine with that. He's going to get inducted at some point no matter what so it should be fine for next year.
  15. Id like him to put roman reigns in his last match not sure how it'll work though
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  16. Honestly, please correct me if I'm wrong, but most HOF's don't wrestle after the fact. It's kind of like a retirement thing, right? That's why Triple H and Taker aren't in yet right?
  17. Rock > rules

    who cares. it is a fake HOF for highly choreographed pretend fighting.
  18. What about Shawn Michaels?
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  19. Funny that that guy even mentions that, Hogan was inducted at WM 21 in 2005, yet he faced Shawn at Summerslam in the same year.
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