The Rock must compete on Raw or Smackdown

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. The Rock is the WWE Champion. He will be champion at Wrestlemania. In the meantime there will be many Raws to watch. It is expected for the WWE Champion to compete on Raw to help build WrestleMania. The Rock must wrestle atleast on Raw. We can't have a healthy champion avoid wrestling on TV. That just isn't good business. Plus him wrestling on TV will boost ratings.

    Do you think The Rock will wrestle on Raw or Smackdown before WrestleMania?

    Do you think if The Rock does not wrestle on TV that it can hurt the WrestleMania hype?
  2. Nobody wants to see Rock wrestle, they want to see him talk. His matches blow, and personally I don't want to sit through any more of them than I have to.
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  3. He doesn't need to wrestle and he shouldn't. The more you keep his matches a mystery; the more tickets you will sell.

    Plus, the last thing WWE want to see is their biggest draw injured. His ring skills are incredibly rusty at the moment too.
  4. If he's going to stay WWE Champion until Wrestlemania then THE LEAST he should be doing is competing once a week on Raw or Smackdown. He needs to maintain legitimacy to being WWE Champion and demonstrate that he deserves it to the audience against various opponents.
  5. lmao. The Rock doesn't need to demonstrate shit. He's the Rock.

    The WWE Title is gaining prestige by the minute, as we speak, just by The Rock being the holder of that belt. The Rock doesn't need to wrestle on free tv, and he won't.
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  6. Yeah, I don't think they should make Rock wrestle on weekly shows, as D'Z said, him wrestling these days is not really the best thing and in that case it should be kept to special occasions.
  7. I can see him participating in maybe ONE tag team match on raw before mania. I honestly expect it, but don't expect much more.
  8. Rock should wrestle at least one Raw while he's WWE champion. Sure he may have ring rust and they don't want him to get injured, so I'm not talking 30 minute matches with Punk or Cena, he could simply do a 1 minute match with Jinder, then pwn him on the mic. Every time Rock wrestles he looks exhausted, giving him a little squash match would emphasize that he's a badass to the guys who haven't been watching wrestling as long as us, they need to see Rock dominate someone.
  9. I still say he should wrestle nude
  10. This, i expect to see him in a squash match or two.
  11. Well ...keeping Rock just for PPVs will guarantee them better sells, that's for sure.

    It's not that he is entertaining us with his promos at the moment though, his promos are becoming stale big time imo.
  12. I think he should at least wrestle a couple of times, there's a lot of shows between now and WM and if he's holding the title still he should be in competition, even if it is a few squash matches. This is of course providing WWE don't throw some massive unexpected curveball and give the title back to Punk like I wish they would!
    Surely by having a few matches the ring rust may get shaken off a little...might even make his WM match better for the viewers.
  13. I don't really care about anything the Rock does. Why bother? He'll be gone in a couple months. Anyway, the less we see of him, the better. The novelty's long gone already.
  14. Why bother? Because atm hes the only proper superstar in wwe besides Cena. Punk isnt in their league yet.
  15. It was just my opinion. Like I said, I don't care. I'm not a casual and I'm too cynical to be moved by popularity.
  16. from a smark point of view, his mic segments are great and he can rip apart almost any superstar in wwe today in a mic war, except jericho.
  17. From most people's "smark point of view" here, his mic work has been less than satisfactory to say the least. Personally, I would go as far as saying I have been bored multiple times listening to The Rock on the stick recently.
  18. As far as dirtsheets suggests, he has been asked by vince to tone it down a bit since his return.
    One because wwe still has a pg rating, and two so that he doesnt make his opponents look too bad.
    It would be foolish to think that someone who has entertained us years after years with his mic, against the likes of taker tripple h jericho and austin has suddenly lost it.
  19. Sources on that? I frequent a lot of wrestling sites and have seen no reports on the Rock being asked to "tone it down".
    Also. Of course it is conceivable that Rock can "lose it". He might not be in sync with the current product, with him being from another era of it that is very likely, since he is used to working a certain way. When Rock was in his hayday he improvised a lot of his promos, now he works with a private writer writing them for him. He also isn't as used to working with the people he is working with now. When you work with people more, you get more comfortable working with them and thus can improvise, try new things and help each other improve more.

    Rock can loose his touch, but that does not necessarily mean that he is bad, just that he needs to get in sync with the current WWE product.
  20. Cough cough punk cough cough
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