The Rock on Jimmy Kimmel

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Lookin' sharp.

    No belt, though..
  2. He dresses like such a pimp :boss:

    I'd like to see him with the belt when he's off screen as well, but I can see why he doesn't. I'm sure they book to interview Dwayne Johnson to discuss his recent films and not Rock to discuss WWE.
  3. They kinda discussed WM and his first match..:dawg:
  4. I didn't watch the vid, lol. I doubt it was the focus of his interview though, or was it? :mad2:
    Usually it's like an after thought, but I could be wrong. lol
  5. Actually loved the quote at the end "If I lose god it's phoney but if I win it's so real"
  6. The first two videos posted are about wrestling, I'm guessing these are extracts however. The second is about his start in wrestling, it's kinda cool IMO.
  7. Well, loving how much he carries the belt around with him :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:!
  8. He will bring prestige to the belt they said
  9. Pretty good interview and this is coming from somebody who doesn't like Kimmel all that much. It really irks me when wrestlers don't bring their belts with them during interviews like these but I understand it. Not much point in harping on it, not like he'll be champion for much longer. I only watched the first two videos by the way, I couldn't care less about whatever movie he's plugging. I'm not really what you'd call a movie buff. The second video was definitely the best part of this interview.
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