The Rock on 'roids?

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  1. I just checked out some Google pic's of Rocky, and I was amazed about his physique at the moment.
    Better said: Shocked!
    He is so much bigger than before.
    I know about the wellness policy, but this is huge!
    Some said it are his Samoan roots..

    See the pictures below:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. About 7 years of solid training whilst not being on the road will do that. He can rest and maintain his calories easier. Probably not roids he's just a genetic freak.
  3. True, but still.
    Look how huge his biceps are..
  4. Harsh to speculate steroids instantly. I know plenty of people in real life at the gym I go to who are as big or slightly less big than current Rock and they've not touched steroids. His acting career is pretty dependent on his size, he spends a lot of time in the gym lifting weights instead of doing the cardio. Dolph Ziggler for example spends more time with empty stomach cardio than weight lifting.
  5. Saw/read that yes.
    But man, then again..
    Hes big ass atm! :emoji_hushed:
  6. Agreed. He's not really veiny like most guys are who I think are on roids.. he's just huge
  7. He's big so are a lot of guys who've done it natty. It's plausible plus he was an ex college hand egg player so he has trained for a long time. Not to mention as Crayo says less cardio and probably more lifting as he isn't wrestling anymore so he doesn't need to go full throttle for 20 + minutes every night.
  8. Not everyone is a genetic freak to have huge muscles. You just gotta have the power.


  9. David Otunga is huge, He on roids too? John Cena is tank, he on roids as well? Mason Ryan is huge as hell, he is not on roids says several sources... nor has he ever touched them.
  10. True!

    Discipline, power, ability and have the right products/facilities..
  11. Mason Ryan pissed in Evan Bournes test cup.

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  12. WWE has a wellness policy, so when they use roids, they will get suspended.

    YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HIS FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:
  13. David Otunga is a fucking monster I want a heel push for him when he becomes more charismatic IN RING.

    Or else definitely think Mason Ryan is on them 'roids.
  14. 1. Ryan did bodybuilding before WWE.
  15. Alot of BB's juice and the system could theoretically be manipulated if Vince is a big enough fan, after all there is no governing body telling them to ban wrestlers they choose to them selves. (Not saying it's true or false just a theory)
  16. Good argument.
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  17. Loved this post :cool::lol1:
  18. Well either way Mason is fucking huge but he needs to show himself and his personality in the ring.

    It's not like he was told to be a robot while wrestling in a match on WWE Superstars
  19. He's just naturally robotic.
  20. Yeah I figured most big guys lose their personality once they gain big guns.

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