The Rock on steroids?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. I highly doubt he didnt use steroids, Its been speculated for year and Hogan has denied he used steroids, Has he use them? Yes. Former WWE Jobber Kris Katera walked in on Batista getting injected with roids, Has Batista denied it? YES! Its obvious he did use them.
  2. I kinda feel he did.. or he used that natural muscle growth crap.
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  3. I think he did, just to look better. Ultimately he still failed to wrestle as well as he did ten years ago!
  4. I wouldn't be surprised, but it's not like it matters.
  5. You can't really prove it. But he likely did, just look at his muscles. They could have come from just working out hard but not likely. Even Cena uses steroids.
  6. :pity1:
  7. I don't get this nonsense. People constantly assume someone to be on steroids if they have 1.) Bulked up higher than normal or 2.) Bulked up really quickly. You do know a lot of time with the right diet, training, and substances like protein etc. will bulk you up quickly? I have witnessed people many times grow insanely quickly, or seen someone grow to an enormous size, and you won't find a single steroid in Cornwall.

    My point is, don't be so quick to assume.
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  8. Pretty much this, not like it matters. It would only matter if this was a competitive sport like Soccer, Football, Basketball, Running. Not as big a deal for a sport where the winner is pre-detemined.
  9. This, it's the old cliche OMG THIS GUY IS BIGGER THAN ME OBVIOUS JUICEBAR. I honestly don't even care if people do it in competitive sports in all honesty, if it's entertaining then I'm in.
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  10. The Rock on steroids, well it seems legit, look at him now and look back at him at '99
  11. 14 year difference. :haha:
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  12. Maybe he is using steroids maybe he isn't, we're not going to find out anytime soon.
  13. My reaction if he isnt using steroids: good for him

    My reaction if he is: good for him
  14. I would like to think that The Rock has gotten tested at least one time, but that's probably not the case
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