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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. This is thread on peoples opinion on the Self-Proclaimed peoples champ.

    My opinion is that this guy leaves us for ten years comes back to a huge ovation at mania 27 leaves for another 7 months gets a victory against 2 good talents who had awesome gimmicks and then leaves till march, C
    ena gets a couple of minutes of rap which were amazing and rock gets like 20 mins of a crappy concert.And at mania 28 in Cena's biggest match of his life, just a quick note on Cena many dont like him but he busted his ass for ten years while rock went and left us,the rock gets the win from wwe, WTF! rock just comes back and wins!, thats just a disrespect to everyone in the wwe, because the only thing the rock did in that ten years was at the 10th smackdown anniversary made a taped video message! They named the show after him and he doesnt show up! and now he gets the title its ridiculous. i want the rock back not Dwayne Johnson. Your opinion?

  2. I don't get the hate. He is making way more money and protecting his body much more by being a movie star. He came back one more time to entertain everyone and pass the torch to Cena. All the bitching about him being a part timer is ridiculous IMO. Enjoy it for what it was, if he was the same character people would complain saying he hadn't changed in 10 years. Nothing in the present will ever compare to nostalgia. Was the end of his run anti-climatic? Yes, of course. I enjoyed him whilst he was back, now that he's gone again, I harbour no ill will.
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  3. I was at that show in cleveland when Cena did that rap, and the rock concert. Trust me when I say this, we didn't want another second of a cena rap.
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  4. Its because he comes back steals the spotlight puts on bad matches and takes the title when Punk couldve dropped it to someone who deserved it.
  5. 1. Cena's rap wasn't amazing. lol. Rock Concert on the other hand was one of the most entertaining moments of the last 3 years.

    2. Rock doesn't owe WWE anything, he's been there done that. Do you expect him to stay all his life there?

    3. Rock winning the title and winning at Mania was best for business. That's just a fact. The business and money making is more important than the individual wrestlers. Always has been, always will be.
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  6. Its because it was crap. If it had been interesting i wouldnt mind. Take Jericho u see the love from him and he actually entertains.
  7. On the episode where Rock returned they had the highest ratings of the year. If anything, Rock coming back puts the spotlight on everyone, because he brings in viewers who would not normally watch WWE. As for the matches, he did get a bit better as he went along. As for Punk dropping it to someone else, there's really no one else ready for the top spot at the moment. They threw Ryback into the main event against Punk and no one cared, so really the only choice was Cena/Punk.
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  8. I share your opinion, mostly. I'm not a fan of what Rock has shown recently, in ring or entertainment wise (he can still cut very good promos, yes, but most of the time he's either telling a story or making jokes or throwing out catchphrases and that does nothing for me particularly). I understand why they made him beat Cena and win the belt, but looking back at it it sounds pretty stupid to have him feud with Cena take up space in 3 WMs. Two (27 and 28) was much more than enough, with Cena winning at 28 and Rock putting someone over for 29 (had they thought about the long run there would be enough time to put someone at that spot). Particularly I also feel insulted when a guy wins the belt and doesn't even show up to most shows, I understand he has other things to do that may be more important or lucrative for him, but why crap on the product if you're not going to be there anyway? Rock as champion was a joke for me personally, I understand it may have helped them business-wise but as a fan I dislike it.
  9. I'll admit the "We Will Rock You!" part in his concert was going overboard. He brings in buyrates and that's the main reason he's getting special treatment. He's a draw. You can't have a part-timer coming and doing risks whilst filming movies and stuff. Gotta give him credit for that. He's a fucking hard worker.
  10. He didn't crap on it at all. To a lot of the promotional events he took his title with him. What better way to promote the championship then to have your champion be a movie action hero? He held it in interviews and at a couple of red carpet ceremonies. He loves the business, no one can deny that. WWE needs to make new stars, period. The Rock can't be blamed for the fact Cena was his only viable opponent.
  11. WHY ARE Y HATING! CENA GOT LAST LAUGH AS HE ALWAY FUCKIN DOES! HE ROCK BEAT THIS YEAR FOR THE WWE TITLE! And i don't agree I gald BEAT HIS ASS AT WM28! It about Cena see that it not alway about him! Just his reactor to his lose to the rock prove how much of ASSHOLE CENA IS! When he lose he was sore loser on TV! However The Rock when he loses to Cena even though we all know Rock did not want to lose to him he acted more profesiol then cena did when he lose on TV! And I know going said it act but who care! Cena act like ass and did not show respect at all for rock winning against were rock show cena respect when he lose to cena! SO I THINK WRONG THERE!
  12. When I say crap on it I don't mean from a business standpoint, I mean on my opinion on the show as a fan (should have cleared that up, my bad). He won the belt and didn't even show up at most events, the build up for his match with Cena was very very bad. But as for Cena being his only viable opponent, I agree, but did they really have to stretch their feud that long? This is not on Rock as it's mostly bad booking (but it ends up translating to Rock as in he's working the boring feud I watch), but had they thought about the long run, let's say, after they make Rock/Cena for WM 28 and when you know he's sticking for 29, blow the feud off at 28 and start building someone to wrestle him at 29, simple.
  13. Rock had a great match with Punk...twice! As for someone deserving it, name someone else WWE should've put the title on that would've sold WM or Royal Rumble, or Elimination Chamber?
  14. Agreed, but the fault for that lies with creative and Vince. I believe Rock did the best he could with what he was given.
  15. I wasnt talking about making money, The Punk matches were shit.
  16. No they weren't.
  17. It really does come down to opinion, i didnt enjoy them and thought they were bad and you disagree.
  18. I wouldn't call CM Punk Vs. The Rock a great match. About average or a bit above.
  19. Indeed can't blame him for being put on the same feud for too long, but it ends up being one of the things that make him worse to watch, even though it's not his fault at all as you said.
  20. First of all, I hate the notion of any part-timer coming back and winning the WWE Championship (or any belt really, but that one particularly). It just really rubs me the wrong way. To me the WWE Champion should be someone who commits everything to the business, works every week including house shows (though I can be more lenient on that) or at the very least, appear on every Raw during the build of the biggest show of the year. And this isn't a shot against The Rock, this is a shot against that concept in general which is only made a thousand times worse when the person who is benefitting from it is the last person on the roster who needs another feather in his cap, John Cena (though had WWE actually done the story they were going for properly I would've been fine with it). Now, people can argue business for me, and I have a few counters to that but the only one worth delving into here is that my problem isn't the business, it's principle. It's honor over reason essentially.

    However as I stated in that little rant that none of this really applies to my opinion of The Rock. So then, what is my actual opinion of the Rock (specifically his most recent run)? Meh. His schtick just doesn't do it for me I guess. I liked a few of his promos during the build of XXVIII, but I felt Cena more often than not won those (I recall liking Rock better two weeks, one of them was during the Rock concert, Cena's rap sucked big time) and Cena had the best promo out of the entire feud (the one before Rock started showing up for the build, it's my personal favorite Cena promo). With the Punk feud I always felt like Punk was better than Rock, but honestly only the first promo and like one after that I even really enjoyed. I avoided most of the build to the rematch with Cena but from what I saw both were boring and weren't able to entertain me in the slightest, though in fairness my thoughts on the match and how they went about with Cena's fall may have negatively affected my opinion there. I don't think that's the case but it's certainly possible.

    As for his matches, haha . . . they suck. Okay, not all of them. His first match with Cena I can't hate on too much because it was exactly what I expected. An average match with a lot of false finishes. If I had to rate it, probably a 5/10. His first match with Punk was poor, with an atrocious finish, inconsistent selling, and some noteable botches but at least had snippets of good/great actions (loved Punk countering the Rock Bottom into a crucifix pin). I rated it a 3.5/10 (I rated all his other matches on here in the past, so I'm just bringing them up and basically restating myself from then, who I am to question myself?) however I believe I took off some points due to the implications of the result (The Shield being aligned with Heyman, something I was vehemently against from the get-go) so right now I'll change it to a 4/10. His match was Punk at Chamber was solid. I thought it dragged a lot in the middle and I really disliked that the second ref stopped to check on the first ref (on the basis that this is the only time I've ever seen that happened and this scenario wasn't new to me), but the rest was solid and had like the best conclusion to the Rock/Punk feud, I ended up giving it an 8/10 (making it my second favorite PPV match of the year, with The Shield's Chamber bout ranking it at number one). As for his last match with Cena, I gave it a 3/10, and if you want to know why, I'm just going to copy and paste my reasonings from the Rate Mania thread . . .

    Show Spoiler
    This was also really, really bad. It was also really boring. Now, unlike every other match on this card essentially, they did attempt to have a build, a progression here. I think they failed but kudos to them for actually trying. The reason I think it failed is because after the initial few minutes it just became about rest holds for like five or seven solid minutes. When you do that, and don't intersperse enough in between, it just feels like pointless padding. Much like the Lesnar/Trips match, they did spots ad nauseum and I'm not just talking about the finishers. They did the blow-for-blow spot three freakin' times in the match, like they really couldn't come up with anything else. As for the mass finisher-fest, yeah to me this felt more like a self-parody than a legitimate wrestling bout, which isn't a good thing.

    Unlike the last atrocious bout, lack of botches isn't the only thing I can praise about this match. It was pretty energized once it got going, which was nice and I really liked the callback to their previous match. This doesn't higher the score much but it does higher the score.

    Man, the search bar came in handy today. Anyway, the point being match-wise he doesn't really do anything for me on a whole either. So there, those are my thoughts on The Rock since returning.
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