The Rock returning to the first RAW of 2013

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Jan 3, 2013.

  2. Yeah !!!!! Cm punk vs the rock the mic battle is gonna be awe~wait for it~ some
  3. This weeks RAW should be good, there could be so many different scenarios.
  4. "FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW!" Ahhh, finally he's returned. He brings a new spirit/life to the WWE that only existed in the Attitude Era.
  5. Some more attention to the show, good, curious to see if he'll interfere in Punk's match.
  6. Guess so , they need ryback to look ¨strong¨
  7. I'm looking forward to it, Rock appearances are always awesome.
  8. It's hard not to mark at Rock's returns. I get a boner every time his music plays.
  9. If you smeeeeeeeellllll..what the cookin'? :ksi:
  10. :fap: :ksi:
  11. I may disagree on what will happen with The Rock but he is one of my favorties off all time. I'll be in mark mode during the discussion thread.
  12. That's for sure.
  13. FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK.. via satellite.
  14. Such a old and bad joke considering the last time he was on via satellite was 2011 before WM27.

    Welcome back anyways.
  15. SHUSH :finger: AND THANKS.
  16. ThaRock says this.... this Monday night will be must see tv. ThaRock the people's champ returns to Monday Night Raw to begin his journey back to the WWE championship. CM Punk and all his crybaby crap can go down jabroni st take a left on roodie poo drive and check right into the smack down hotel.
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  17. I love this guy.

    Quite excited for his return and the inevitable first face-off between Punk & Rock.
  18. #epicmicshowdown
  19. Imagine if Ambrose interrupted and shredded them both? #FanBoyMode

    I don't think the world would be able to take it.
  20. Punk, Heyman, Rock AND Ambrose all in the same ring with a mic? Good lord :fap:
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