The Rock reveals when he's coming back.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 25, 2012.

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  1. :rock:

  2. 2013, that's over half a year away. It's so gay how the best guys show up like once a year nly @ road to WM. :upset: :cry::annoyed::upset:
  3. Meh, I don't mind really. I'd obviously like him earlier but he's shooting three big films and doesn't have to come back at all. Though he better put someone over this time.
  4. Obviously he is, the guy he loses the wwe championship to will be put over.
  5. Him winning it in the first place sort of pisses me off though, unless it's dirty ofc - but that's unlikely.
  6. Why? Having Rock go for another title run is one of the dream title runs. Same with one last Undertaker world title run. :taker: Plus, The Rock is the people's champ. :rock:
  7. He's old and doesn't need to actually win it. He can feud for it but I think for example him feuding with Miz or Bryan as champs but getting screwed out the result until Miz/Bryan get a clean win over Rock at Wrestlemania. Something like that would be awesome.
  8. He's not that old, he's still in his prime. He's actually more fit than ever. His star power combined with how much people would love for him to be champion. Sometimes I think people forget that this is an 'entertainment' business. :dawg:

    If being old is a factor then someone as old as stone cold would be bad, but rock is fine. :dawg:
  9. Predictable. I hope he puts someone over.
  10. Old for the business. 39 or whatever he is is still relatively old for a champion who's not an active wrestler. Does The Rock need the title to be entertaining? Ask yourself that :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also ask yourself, do you want to live in the moment for 2 months of Rocky and then he goes for another year or use Rocky to create another mega star to entertain us every week for the whole year?
  11. Doesn't matter. The WWE Universe is in Love with the Rock. And the Rock doesn't need the title to entertain, there's a lot he can do. But I think the whole coming back and winning the title for him is a way to get back into WWE. Right now it seems he's just Dwayne Johnson visiting WWE. After a title reign, he'll be The Rock back home. Putting over young talent, entertaining the fans like he neber left. :lol1:
  12. I would love a rekindling of The Rock/ Jericho feud those two were golden together
  13. I keep hearing Rock vs Brock... boy that would be a waste. :sad:

    I don't want him back, but if you must, Miz hasn't gotten his revenge from 27 and Survivor Series. That's perfect for him!
  14. I can't believe how Rock is so not apprechiated in the IWC. :upset:
  15. The IWC loves Rock, people on this forum are all about older stars putting over today's stars, but today's stars don't deserve to be put over because they suck. Only a select few deserve it, but none of them deserve to be put over by the likes of The Rock
  16. The IWC likes the guy a whole lot, actually. I don't. He's entertaining, but unless he's putting over a young star who needs the push, he's only getting in the way at this point.
  17. I've been assuming that when/if Rock wins the title, he'll just forfeit it right afterwards the next night or something. I figured the point was that he simply wants to show he could win it one more time, not actually stick around defending it. That said, if he fights Brock, he's not losing. If he fights Cena or some other new(er) guy, he's losing.
  18. Well, it's pretty simple: there's this legend who comes back and has a lot of star power, but he won't stick around 24/7 and is already 40. There's this other guy who went to MMA and came back, but will probably only be around for one year. Why not have them put young, talented stars over (Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes, Miz, maybe even Ryback) so we'll have star power that lasts for a decade instead of a year?
  19. I knew he would be back then as he has loads of movies to film this year so hes not gonna have time to return this year
  20. That's so wrong.

    The IWC does love and all of us here practically love Rock. But you got to think logically. All you die hard Rock can do no wrong marks are so annoying. I've seen people want Rock to go over everyone left right and center. None of them deserve it? Oh come on don't give me that crap. Rock doesn't need to win at all. Him losing puts someone over for life. What good does Rock beating Punk or Bryan or Miz do? How does it help him or those stars he beat?

    Who was The Rock put over by? Hulk Hogan. It's how it works. The former big stars put over the new up and coming big stars to make them superstars. Then when they retire they do the same. It's called passing the torch.
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