The Rock says something nice about John Cena

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. :laugh:
  2. This is old, like 2011 old.
  3. Ugh... we'll have to sit through this crap again... :upset:
  4. Nah, like Farrooq/kid/ bane/jersey said, it's an older interview
  5. I still think Cena/Rock part 2 is happening, so yeah, we'll have to sit through that shit again.
  6. I think it'll be more about resect this time though. He can't go back to the same Fruity Pebbles schtick can he? :shock:
  7. Even worse. :upset:

    The only parts I enjoyed last time out was the incredible amount of tension they had. The legitimate shots at each other made it worthwhile.
  8. Still hoping for a triple threat with Punk at WM. Makes it a lot more interesting to have those 3 guys going at each other at the same time.
  9. I know, it's just that I think Rock will win the belt and Cena the Rumble so we'll have to sit through their annoying feud once again, that's what I meant.
  10. :okay: misunderstood
  11. It was pretty much all about respect last time. Rock earning Cena's respect by proving he still 'had it' because his heart was still in it and was everything he said he was, and Rock coming to respect Cena for being a worthy opponent, which Rock said he was the night after WM28. I don't see this feud adding anything new except giving Cena his big win over Rock, but WWE can't resist the urge in doing a rematch of a huge money match (which is understandable but still.)

    I still half expect Heyman to call upon Brock to help Punk retain on Sunday (since they can't rely on the Shield), setting up Rock/Brock for Wrestlemania.
  12. I love Dwayne so much he just speaks the truth
  13. Before anyone says the video is old, Jose posted it so that should explain everything.
  14. You don't fucking say..

    It's never been posted here before..

    When something is old, should it be forgotten or abandoned?

    Guess you have a full music playlist, you don't listen to the older songs? You have a full playlist of new songs?

  15. :umad:
  16. [​IMG]
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