Royal Rumble The Rock Should Win the World Title at RR?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Jan 6, 2016.

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  1. "The Rock is a legitimate Hollywood movie star now, and carrying around the WWE World Heavyweight Championship during media obligations would convince many casual fans to tune in when he'd eventually defend the title at WrestleMania 32.

    With the title on the line in the Battle Royal, The Rock's chances of winning the belt are at their most believable right now. Anyone in the Royal Rumble could conceivably walk away with the championship, so booking The Rock to get a late draw into the match would be ideal.

    There are concerns about his getting hurt again due to his movie schedule and previous injuries, but there is little risk for injury in a Royal Rumble match, especially when The Rock would only spend a few minutes in the ring by coming out as one of the last competitors."


  2. This would be interesting but I don't see it happening at all. I think they're gonna wanna save The Rock performing until Wrestlemania
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  3. Would kill to see this happen from a purely nihilistic sense haha haha...

    "Well we can't bring back Daniel Bryan because it'll fuck with Roman's push... Let's bring back The Rock instead! Yeah! We can have Corporate Rock make sure Reigns doesn't win, and babyface Roman can face a heel Rock at Wrestlemania! It'll be perfect!"

    Hahaha let's do it! Wrestlemania season is already off the rails, shit, let's go run that train right into a wall while we're at it! Trainwreckamania 32, coming to a WWENetwork near you! Chugga chugga chugga chugga CHOO CHOO!
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  4. With Cena gone I honestly wouldnt be surprised if we really got HHH vs Taker Lesnar vs Owens and Reigns vs Rocky. Those could be three really big matches, with Lesnar possibly facing someone else - though I'm not sure who would be better.
  5. Lets just hope they don't book Taker vs Lesnar again...
  6. Rocky ain't showing up at the rumble. I'll be very surprised if he does.
  7. No. He can stay away forever imo, so no way he should win the belt. Plus, if the idea is for a dude to win the belt and put RR over at WM, shouldn't they go with someone who gets booed? Like HHH, for instance? Instead of the dude who gets the biggest pops? Just saying.
  8. Not happening.
  9. Rock won't win the title now. I doubt he will again. They did that to build cena yet again when he won it last time. And they wanted the feud to be bigger. So they put the belt on rock. Unless rock plans on turning heel and battling Roman for the title, it's not happening.
  10. Yeah Rock winning the belt last time was a convenient loophole from WWE's tagline of the first Rock vs Cena match being once in a lifetime. It's a once in a lifetime match... but then Rock wins belt and Cena wins Rumble... well, then you can't blame us for going back on our "Once in a lifetime" claim because we HAVE to let the Rumble winner face the champion.

    But yeah, I doubt you'll ever see the belt on Rock's waist ever again.
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  11. He should enter the rumble but not win
  12. Triple H is the one I see winning the rumble. Then Roman gets his rematch at mania
  13. I have a feeling that they're going with triple h winning as well.

    Roman will bounce back and triple h will avoid having to fight him.

    Then Roman will Vince hostage, threatening to hurt
    Him, and triple h will accept the match at mania.
  14. The Rock winning the Rumble...highly unlikely and quite frankly, the Rock even showing up for the Rumble is just as unlikely to happen.

    With that being said, I think I'm still going to stick with Triple H. That was my initial idea since December 15th, when I first posted this idea in another thread and to me, the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. It could defintely go down as some kind of screwjob but in my vew it just serves well as far as continuing the whole story which has been building all these months. Have HHH outsmart Reigns this time and then at Fastlane we get a tournament to determine the number one contender for Wrestlemania ; we do need a number one contender anyway with the title itself on the line in the Rumble, don't we? So, Reigns wins the tournament and that basically sets up the long awaited HHH vs Reigns at Wrestlemania.

    Now, having Reigns win yet another tournament is something we already got to watch not long ago and perhaps going back to that idea might not be something new or fresh but it's certainly one way they could go.
  15. And one more thing...

    Reasonably enough, Brock is considered as one of the favorites to win the Rumble and of course that's another route the WWE could take. Idk. To me, while indeed a strong possibility, it still seems too obvious and my gut says that somehow it ain't going to happen and I've actually come up with an idea. Now, it's probably not the best of ideas and I could probably be the one to end up getting booed but...what if...Batista were to make a surpise comeback at the Rumble, eliminate Brock and set up a feud that leads us to Wrestlemania. Something in the lines of the Beast vs the Animal. Just a thought anyway and probably a bad one but just throwing it out there.

    In similar fashion, Kevin Owens can be the one to eliminate Brock and we could get that match instead for Wrestlemania, which apparently would make much more sense and though I've mentioned this before, Kevin Owens needs a big push for this to happen...
  16. Fuck it, if The Rock came back and put over KO or lost to Bryan, do it. If not, no. I'd rather have Lesnar fuck someone up.

    Then again, anyone but Reigns. :bray: Seriously, I can just imagine them turning Rock heel to put over Reigns or having Reigns win the entire Rumble, fuck up Triple H at Fastlane and then beat Lesnar at WM32. Then again, it would be so hilariously bad it would be good.
  17. I don't see this happening. Rock in any title program at Mania doesn't make any sense to me. Rock vs HHH? The title has no purpose being in this feud. Rock vs Reigns? You'd just get Reigns booed out of the building and expose him on the mic in the worst way possible. Rock vs Bryan? Bryan might be the only person that wouldn't get booed against The Rock but even then, this match is a pipe dream. Rock vs Lesnar? Forget about it.

    However, if they were to do a non-title Rock/Lesnar program, the Rumble could be used as a convenient way of jump-starting it. Have both guys enter the match, have Rock eliminate Lesnar, and then have Brock lose his shit and take Rock out of the match and put him through a table or something. Things escalate from there and they meet at Wrestlemania. However, that doesn't seem likely given Brock is a babyface now and this feud in itself doesn't seem like it will probably ever happen. Just an idea, though.
  18. If the Rock comes in he can get a good interpromotional match with Lesnar, Triple H vs. Roman Reigns is good for the title at the moment, my dream match for 32 was Reigns vs. Bryan... But it's hard to see now in the future,
  19. The Rock should never wrestle again simply due to his acting career... He's an actor now, not a sports entertainer. He's like one of these celebrities who comes in for a paycheck. He should only do special appearances once in a while and worry about his movies, not winning fake titles in WWE that won't help his career at all, and potentially cost him his acting career if something bad happens.

    Plus, i think Rocky has learned from his match against Cena, don't wrestle again because it could end up very bad. He's lucky his injury wasn't worse than it was because he was filming in another country the next month.
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