The Rock Swagged Out

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Lookin' sharp. :obama:
  2. The rock is a freak of nature in the picture on the left.
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  3. He looks like Batista in the pic on the right.
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  4. He doesn't suit suits.
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  5. The Rock looks smart in the picture on the right but the one on the left he looks awesome
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  6. :cornette:
  7. I think he looks awesome in both pictures! He knows how to dress sharp and be intense too.
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  8. Rock is awesome, looks great in both pictures.
  9. Dwayne is so fucking hot my god
  10. Haha we haven't meet yet. After u meet me , rock's and lesnar's bodies will be crap . :boss: :kiss:
  11. :cornette::facepalm1:
  12. You really wouldn't want to.
  13. Anywho his quads are dope.
  14. He shouldn't holding such a piece of shit looking title.
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  15. +1
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