The Rock to miss several weekly shows cause of reality show

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. The Rock To Miss Several Weeks Of Raw To Film Reality Show

    Current WWE Champion The Rock is likely to miss several weeks of WWE Raw between now and WrestleMania as he left Tuesday for Panama to film the new reality show, "The Hero". reports that his next scheduled appearance is March 4th.

    Rock's next advertised appearance after 3/4 isn't until the 25th.

    Rock, following 'Mania and the Raw after, will then leave for another long trip to Hungary and Croatia to begin filming for the movies "Hercules". Rock has described that movie as a passion project of his and he's been training to play the part of Hercules for over a year now, which is the reason he looks so jacked right now.

    Brock Lesnar is scheduled for this Monday's Raw in Dallas, and it's also being reported that Rock and Brock alternating appearances is by design. WWE doesn't want to have the two main eventers appearing on the same shows as much as possible. This is likely due to the fact that current plans are calling for Rock vs Brock to headline next year's WrestleMania at the Superdome in New Orleans.
  3. That's why I dislike part timers holding the belts. Besides everything, when a guy's main stuff isn't the WWE, fine, he can do whatever he wants, but I just feel like it's wrong for a guy to hold the belt in this situation.
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  5. No commitment, can't say no to a freakin' reality show, while being the top guy of a certain company...

    F*ck this guy...
  6. Boo hoo. Cry more.
  7. Look up your facts before throwing stones. Rock has been signed for this reality show for a long time. It has only just now gone into production. Rock prides himself on being the hardest working guy in entertainment.

    Look at both sides of the fence before deciding to throw stones over it. If Rock was penned for this for a long time how do you expect him to not be able to do it? A production company won't bend to WWE's schedule if they signed Rock first. I also think Rock is a producer on this which makes it his own show.
  8. I feel like they're going to build up like a triple threat at 'mania or something. It seems like the real deal is centered between Cena and Punk again.
  9. Fucking part timers :jeritroll:
  10. I always thought WWE would turn to the old timers once they lost faith in others besides Cena.
  11. We all knew that he wasn't going to be at every RAW before he won the championship, but it is sorta sad that the main-belt won't be on their lead show for a few weeks during the buildup to WrestleMania.
  12. He was never gonna wrestle on Raw anyway (and we all knew he wasn't) so it makes little difference that he misses some shows. If anything, it spares us from more of the same shit we saw last year (and the year before...) and we've also seen Rock/Punk promos for about two months at this point as well.
  13. Anyways, his reality show on TNT looks like it will be dope
  14. I love Rock and it would have been great with Rock as champion if he was scheduled for almost all the RAW's leading up to Wrestlemania. But missing "several" of them just seems rather absurd. Though this is just further indication that WWE really is a PPV business now. Rock walking around main stream media with the title is more important to Vince than having the title on RAW.
  15. It depends how many weeks he will be missing for me to properly comment on it, but I still think we are lucky to get The Rock at all, even if it ain't full time.
  16. Is this People Era or is this The Rock drops out the people Era?
  17. This
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