The Rock vs CM Punk

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  1. Now, since this match is going to happen at Royal Rumble. (I haven't read tonight's spoilers so I'm going off of who's currently the title holder - don't post any spoilers for tonight's RAW in here).

    How would you end this match? How would you build it up? Let's see your ideas, creativity and opinions on this. Personally, I don't know. I would obviously want this to end cleanly without any sort of interference or any cheating. I don't know how I would build this match up in terms of encounters, etc. I hope they do get physical for their build up unlike the John Cena vs The Rock build-up. How would you guys do it?
  2. Tonight's Raw is live, isn't it? Don't think spoilers are an issue. Anyway.

    The way I think it'll be built is similar to Rock/Cena, mostly verbal encounters with one hitting his finisher on the other on the go-home show. Then Rock will win cleanly. Now that you mentioned it, my mind is so set on what's actually happening that I haven't considered a scenario where Punk retains (which is what I want to happen, I don't like the idea of Rock winning the belt), I guess he could win dirty with some Cena interference leading to a Triple Threat at WM.
  3. I don't know, is it? I heard it isn't.

    I don't want it to be very verbal in my opinion. I know John Cena is going to win the Royal Rumble in order to face The Rock. I don't mind The Rock in my opinion as CM Punk has gone far too stale. It's best to have The Rock win it as I'm getting bored of Punk being the champion.
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