The Rock vs. Daniel Bryan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Jan 28, 2015.

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  1. Hey All,

    After the events of the Royal Rumble, I was thinking about what the WWE should do with Daniel Bryan at Mania. What would be the perfect way to redeem Daniel Bryan's early elimination and make him look big in 2015? Have him fight The Great One, The Rock.

    I mean imagine the promos being cut for this. The Rocks mic work and saying how he respects Daniel Bryan arguably more than any one in the locker room, but then he can state, "but kid, you're no John Cena, no Triple H, and no Shawn Micheals." He then says, "you're really good and proved yourself last year, but I'm going to whoop your candy, bearded face ass at Wrestlemania jack!"

    I feel that this feud could easily steal the show and sell tickets as well as out Bryan in a great situation. Much like it helped Cena, it can help Bryan. Except, obviously, this feud would be better in my opinion. The crowd would torn, too. Which is good! Imagine it... All you hear from the crowd 50/50 is "let's go Daniel, go rocky!" Fans would be in disarray and it would be awesome.

    Book it WWE, please. What do you guys think?
  2. Rock tapping would be entertaining
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  3. Why would The Rock randomly come back and become a heel? Makes no sense.
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  4. Because they booed the hell outta his cousin and wanted Daniel to win.

    But this isn't happening, imo.
  5. So they booed the hell out of his cousin, not him. Why would he fight for Reigns? lol
    Booking wise it makes no sense. I also doubt it'd be something people would pay to watch.
    Something people would pay to watch is Brock Lesnar Vs. The Rock.
  6. Because he did that before, because he's damn good at it, because Hollywood Rock > everything else.

    But this is Bryan we're talking about here, of course they're gonna put him against that fat hillbilly.
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    Of course it doesn't make sense if it isn't booked right. They wouldn't just announce it out of the blue with no build up to it and all. lol

    But I think it would sell and it'd be interesting to see.

    But yeah, Rocky vs Brock has been speculated for a while now, but I don't see it happening either.
  8. Rock working heel is a misstep IMO but I like the match. There doesn't need to be any heel vs face thing to sell it. Rock vs Daniel Bryan sells itself. Let them cut white meat babyface promos (thx Steve Austin) and the crowd will eat it up. Some opposing YES/ROCKY chants.

    Maybe the crowd at Mania would do a Hogan thing though where they go 100% Bryan and turn Rock inside the match. Other than that I say just book it as if they'll cheer both.
  9. Face Bryan vs Face Rock would be great, in fact, let them both act like jackasses towards each other but still maintain the level of respect they have for each other. I don't even mind if The Rock pulls off a win tbh, because this is the 2nd best thing that could happen to Bryan after a match with Lesnar at WM31. I'd love to see YES! chants vs Rock chants, and it would be another massive singles match on a stacked card. Reigns-Lesnar, Bryan-Rock, Sting-Triple H, add in midcard and what a PPV it would be.
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  10. That would be an amazing match to watch, wouldn't even care who won just watch and see how crazy it would be.
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  11. Yeah the winner is unimportant to me, it's just a fun match.
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  12. I only see it working if they made Roman a heel tbh, but people would still cheer Rock over Bryan.
  13. The match doesn't interest me much because the storyline doesn't interest me. I hate to be over-analytical and suck the fun out of it, but I generally don't like just watching people wrestle, I usually like for there to be a strong angle behind it, and short of Rock turning heel (which would probably feel arbitrary if it happened before WM31), I don't see a whole lot of sense for it to happen this year.

    And to be honest, I doubt I'd care much for this at all unless The Rock were a heel, and I don't know if he can ever be one again. Even when he tried being one again in 2003 with his awesome Hollywood Rock persona, it took the audience all of about three months before they started cheering him again.

    If The Rock were a heel though, this feud would be gold. Daniel Bryan's looks, personality, silly YES chant, and neckbeard fan-base would just be too easy for The Rock to make fun of and make derogatory and disparaging remarks about. Not to mention offering The People's Strudel to his wife, Brie. In return, Bryan could proclaim that he is the real People's Champion (which he kinda is present day since he has almost undying and unwavering support from the people) and end up challenging The Rock to a big match at Wrestlemania to prove he deserves to be in the same echelon as The Great One, etc. But I don't see any remote chance of this happening at WM31.
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  14. Dude,

    No one said anything about him being a heel. He doesn't have to be. Just like when he feuded with Cena. It was 2 faces battling. I was just giving examples of some of the trash he would talk to DB
  15. Exactly, they pulled this off and it went over big with the fans for Rock and Cena, why wouldn't DB and Rock be the same....except be a way better match!
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  16. This sounds even worse now that he's not a heel. lol
  17. The storyline doesn't interest you? Well, mine was just some example quotes of The Rock talking trash. But they could easily develop an angle on this....For example, Bryan could come out after beating Kane the following week on Raw and say that he may not main event Mania but he promises the fans that, going forward, he will win and be in WrestleMania. Triple H's music will hit and he comes out and states the usual, "you're a B+ player and you won't make it to Mania....I'll prove it're going to be teaming with a guy who's an A+ player....I don't like him very much, personally, but he's much better than you, nonetheless...that match is in the main event tonight,'ll be facing Rollins, Big Show, and Kane.....and I know the rock will outperform you"

    Later on that night, everyone will come out and DB will wait for his partner to show's quiet and then you hear, "if you smell!!! what the rock is cooking!!!" The crowd of course erupts and loses it....big pop...the rock and DB shake hands...DB continues to smile as it seems to be a dream come true.

    the 2 on 3 handicap match begins with The Rock....he begins kicking ass and destroying the Authority for about a good 5 mins...he then tags in DB....who dominates the Authority as well....Seth begins to mount some offence on DB....only to have DB start kicking all their asses again....the crowd will love both the rock and DB as a team.

    All three members of the Authority will come in and try to attack DB....which will then lead to The Rock coming in and beating all their asses....tossing out Big Show and Kane....Rollins will slowly get up as DB prepares for a Knee Plus. At the last second, Rollins will duck causing DB to smash into the Rock with the Knee Plus. DB will try to help the Rock up and keep saying "im sorry" then Rollins will try to roll up DB... DB kicks out and lands a stiff kick to the head of Seth.

    The Rock is weary as DB helps him to his feet... When The Rock gets up, he pushes DB away from him.... Seemingly talking trash... DB pushes him back... They're both face to face... Which would get a good crowd reaction I'm sure.

    Seth then kicks both of them after flying off the top rope... DB is the legal man... And gets backed into the corner... He boots Seth in the face and drop kicks him down... Setting up for another Knee Plus... The Rock then tags himself in slapping DB's back... He comes into the ring and begins whooping ass.... Taunting the authority and then as he begins to nail a rock bottom... He stares at DB as he does it... He then knocks down Rollins and show... Then sets up Kane for the people's elbow as DB just keeps watching.....

    The rock states at DB again right before he lands the people's elbow then he gets the pin and the win. Not keeping his eyes off DB.

    The Rock wins and DB begins clapping and trying to be supportive. Then, The Rock will attempt to shake DB's hand and then quickly nail a rock bottom on DB.

    Pounding his chest yelling "you don't put ur hands on me kid"

    DB will come out the following week to address the situation only to be interrupted again by the authority. Triple h will state that last week proved that Daniel can't handle the A + wrestlers thus he can't be at an A + PPV... Then, as hunter walks away, DB will say "I thought you're about what's best for business, hunter? .... You always claim that you'll do what would and will sell and you're all about the WWE universe, right?" Hunter says, "yes, what's your point?" DB says, "Well, hunter, I feel that these people want to see myself not only perform at WrestleMania, but face someone he never has before: The Rock!" He continues, "last week was the second time I've felt a Rock Bottom from the Rock....he did a couple years ago to make a statement and last week he did it again to make a statement...all because I accidentally hit him with my knee....come on, Hunter....these people want to see it....I need this to happen...." He pauses as Hunter seems to be thinking.....DB yells, "come on, Hunter! I not only stole the show last year....but I beat your ass and the rest of Evolution in the same night! I can beat The Rock and you know it! ask them, Hunter....Ask these people if they want to see DB vs. the rock!!" Triple H looks as if he's going to ask....DB interrupts him, "Everyone!!! Do you want to see me fight The Great One?!!?!?" Of course the fans would cheer and want it....chanting "YES!!"

    Triple H will have no choice but to make this match happen and say, "congrats have your match...only this time will lose, unlike last doesn't strike twice...good luck MR. B're gonna need it!"

    If the feud was built in a fashion like this...I feel it would be pretty good....DB will have something to prove and overcoming the Rock would do just that.
  18. no way. I would love if the rock would play heel...but that's not happening and it would work with both of them being faces....they're both so good...the fans would eat it up.
  19. Come on... I wrote a pretty good feud starter up there guys lol
  20. I would only be interested in it if the Rock made Daniel Bryan smell what he was cookin :hmmm:
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