WrestleMania The Rock vs John Cena vs "Jack"

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by B2A, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Am I going crazy or is this iconic "Once in a Lifetime" match now a triple threat!?

    Every week I'm hearing about "Jack" :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Its a little annoying, and if memory serves me correctly Rock first started using the term in his YouTube promo a few months back.

    Its not so much annoying as it unnecessary, its not an insult, its not really anything of meaning to the feud. Im surprised they arent calling each other "Haas".
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  2. WTF??????????????
  3. Go back and watch the promos and count how many times either man refers to the other as "Jack".
  4. I can't recall Rock referring to Cena as Jack, only Cena referring to Rock as Jack. I find it pretty retarded
  5. Lmao such an amazing thread. Liked and repped.

    @Savage: Rock and John keep saying "I don't know about you Jack, but I'll..." etc etc .
  6. Rock was the one who got the ball rolling with it! It seems to me they both think the use of the word instantly shows the other whos boss...a good 30% of the kids in the crowd will be trying to unravel the mystery of who Jack is all the way until Wrestlemania.
  7. Haha imagine the people thinking that Rocky was talking to someone else.
  8. Read the above posts.
  9. FInally who's Jack?
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