The Rock vs Mankind Empty Arena Match

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  1. This is hella entertaining because of Rock's trash talk throughout. It's a little corny and over edited at times, but Rock has me rolling.

    Rock hits him with some chips and salsa, making Mankind scream and Rock goes "What's this, little picante sauce?" Rock bends over and tastes it and then exclaims, "It's mild! you bi-" gets hit in the face
  2. I watched this again just a little while ago. Something else that makes the whole thing great is Vince's commentary. He was actually pretty good on commentary (underrated in my view) and he called this match with almost no bias that it almost felt like Vince never became the Mr. McMahon character and just stayed doing color commentator.
  3. Yea he had some lines that cracked me up as well. There were some cool spots too. I laughed hard at Rock hiding at the top of the stairs with the trashcan. The finish, while looking corny because of the editing, was a creative way to have Mankind go over. Oh and of course the cuts to Shane on commentary at the live arena was cool as well
  4. Was this aired half time of the superbowl?
  5. Yes, yes it was.
  6. Yeah, this was fucking brilliant.

    I wrestled a lotta countries, but this one's ultra vinny viddi vuci.
  7. Indeed, classic. Really interesting.
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