The Rock was overrated. Explain why he isn't.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. As the title says, he never impressed me.
    Not one word captivated me and is ring work was over dramatic.
    So he drew money! He still sucked and rode the coattails of Steve Austin.
    Convince this loser was any good and didn't rely on tired material that was never funny to begin with.

    CM Punk was right, The Rock's 'schtick' was overused and more stale than 5 day old white bread.
    I'm all ears. Tell me why he was so great, cause I'm not convinced yet.
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  2. Crowd manipulation made him special. Very few could lead a crowd like he did. It's one thing for you to say his stuff was stale but they named a show after his catchphrase, that should tell you all you need to know really.
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  3. That's an interesting take, but one I've heard before.
    I'd say Roddy Piper, CM Punk, Steve Austin, Mick Foley and even Kane were far more innovative.
    The only reason The Rock has Smackdown named in his honor was because of his age.
    The only reason The Rock could easily manipulate crowds was the great majority of wrestling fans are people of very low self-esteem and accomplishment.

    Had WWE catered to a smarter audience, they probably could have made more money with Kane.
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  4. You sound a lot like Tgmiveld at this stage. They manipulated where the money was (if he was holding onto Austin's coattails as you said earlier surely Austin was only attracting this stupid audience also? )
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  5. I wasn't inferring that the audience was stupid, only that they could make more money attracting a 'smarter' audience.
    I do believe, however, that the majority of wrestling fans are easily manipulated and of low self-motivation.
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  6. I completely agree with this statement. That's basically stereotyping the vast majority of the fans, as well as chastising them for liking a guy that was able to draw because of high charisma.
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  7. Stereotyping fans isn't difficult. Why do you think the "Yes Movement" is so effective? What about "U-so"? How about "We the people"?
    I certainly am chastising them. They're obviously being told to like The Rock when a guy like Kane is obviously far better.
    If a 60% of the fans in an arena jumped off a bridge, I guarantee you, 15% of the remaining fans would jump as well.... without even thinking twice about it.
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  8. Aside from the great 2010 promo, explain to me how Kane would draw better than the Rock with the average/current fanbase.
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  9. You deserve that winner rating for being one of the few people who remember that epic 2010 promo.
    I actually am not talking about the current fanbase.
    I am telling you that had WWE toyed with a smarter fanbase by the end of 2000, Kane would be a far bigger star than The Rock. Far bigger.
    The Rock was on his last legs and 'smarter' talents like Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho were rising to the top.
    Kane is the would be the prime benefactor given his size, talent and skill set. He would have taken wrestling to new heights.
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  10. But Rock still main evented X7 (albeit not technically but realistically) "main evented" X8 as well. If you had taken someone like Kane and paired him against Hulk Hogan, how would that have been the same draw that Rock vs Hogan would've been, even if the crowd and Kane were groomed to perfect chemistry.
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  11. Easy. Why not play up to Kane's genius?
    Stop being naive, Nero, because we both know you aren't.
    Kane has a mind for this business. He's a wordsmith and has great knowledge of how to make even a sh*tty program work.
    Kane/Hogan would be epic. He would play mind-games with Hogan and make Hogan believe he couldn't win.
    Rock/Hogan was generic. Two icons OMFG!!! Lame. No wonder 2002 was so jacked up.

    Put Kane in the driver's seat and watch the smarter wrestling fans eat it up. With Kane, suddenly we have something to look forward to other than the cliche.
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  12. You're acting as if all wrestling fans are smarter fans, or in a similar regard, smarks/marks. They're not. The whole idea of having Kane vs Hogan wouldn't make sense because it wouldn't mesh well between their characters. Yes, Rock vs Hogan was battle of the icons, but the fans loved the build. How would Kane vs Hogan have a build that wouldn't be one sided/entertaining? Mind games only work so far, especially in a Wrestlemania buildup. You seem to be playing it from your personal perspective rather than the actual average fan/fanbase.
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  13. The Rock was on his last legs by WM X7. He couldn't even draw much sympathy from Austin hometown.
    I get it that it was in Texas, but if Rock were a bigger star he could have drawn bigger heat that night for Austin.
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  14. lol.
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  15. If that's the case, then what are educational institutions filled with? I went to college and guess who was there? It wasn't Lesnar guy.
    The fact that the Attitude Era died soon after Austin turned heel is proof the viewing audience was clamoring for a new, fresh flag bearer.
    There are far more smarter people in the world than you are giving credit. Vince McMahon was blinded. He took the easy way out.

    The Rock was easy and WWE fell off. Kane was innovative. He would have changed how the business was worked. It would inside out, not outside in.
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  16. @Paige is Hot the only thing "the rock" is good for now is making movies thats where he belongs not back in the ring unless he surprises the wwe at survivor series and helps Cena's team
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  17. Kane was innovative :dafuq:

    He was a red Undertaker with a mask.
  18. Kane sees the needle in the fog.
    The suits relate to Kane. Kane was flawed, but Kane was also intelligent. More people relate to Kane than Dwayne.
    The Rock was superficial. There was nothing to invest in. He was Austin's lacky, held on for a bit of glory and than fell off.
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  19. lol @ Kane taking the business to new heights. No. Just no. He just doesn't have the type of personality that can captivate a worldwide audience like The Rock's can. And what could be more pretentious than talking about "smarter" fans when it comes to pro wrestling. No one watches wrestling because they're looking for sophisticated entertainment and there's nothing inherently intelligent about Kane's on-screen persona anyhow. He's a (B-) horror movie monster. Another problem is that Kane would have never wanted to be "The Guy." He claims he's turned down championship reigns in the past because he prefers putting people over while letting others bask in the main spotlight.

    As for The Rock, he was the prototype of a total package superstar. He had great skills inside the ring (great fluidity and timing, psychology, ability to adapt to any style of wrestling and have a good/great match with anyone, etc.), was one of the very best on the mic and could control a crowd like none other, objectively was one of the biggest draws and attractions of all-time, etc. He's not everyone's cup of tea (no one ever is), but it should be clear why he was beloved by millions.
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  20. I couldn't disagree more about The Rock. None of those things seemed apparent to me.
    Kane is plenty intelligent. WWE severely dumbed him down for some of the reasons you mentioned.
    Had Kane been given the green light in late 2000, his intelligence would have been realized instead of suppressed.
    The Rock star was falling which is why couldn't garner any sympathy in his match with Austin at WM 17.
    The fans wanted smarter material, which is why the Attitude Era died. Kane, back then, still had potential.

    The Rock was a low rate knuckle head. WM 17 was in Texas, but rising star like the Rock should have overcome.
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