The Rock with notes on his arm?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. [​IMG]

    Zoomed in more.

    All I can really see is KPC - KPB, which would mean Kung Pow Chicken to Kung Pow Bitch.

    Just a few notes I guess, but I'm surprised by this heaps.
  3. Can't wait for @[JeebaK] to comment on this. Cena came down and legitimately embarrassed Rock when he mentioned that and had his bit. Swear Rock went a bit red.

    Not surprised he takes notes with him.
  4. Oh lawd, this looks hilarious. Friggin embarrasment for a pro like Teh Rock.
  5. Doesn't surprise me he's got scripts and shit to remember also. He shouldn't need it but I can see why he does.
  6. Wait was it a storyline for Cena to come out and point it out or was it legitimate?
  7. No idea tbh.
  8. The moment when Cena mentioned the notes part really shocked me lol..
    And no The Rock owned this promo, he comes to any arena any time he wants and they all still chant/cheer everything he wants.
    If someone is embarrased from last nights promo it has to be Cena, the crowd tells you all.

    And on a special note, I didn't post this to laugh at Rock, I'm sure he has his reasons for this act and it's no problem doing that.
  9. So Rock runs around and calls him a kung po bitch, John comes out and says he needs to keep his notes on his arm and then smiles and walks away leaving Rock embarrassed. Yet Cena got owned because the crowd chanted along? Crowd reactions aren't everything tbh, they chanted because Rock has an unmatched ability to control them, not because he owned John.
  10. Nothing can stop the fans chanting Rock's phrases, why would Cena be embarrassed? Cena done well enough to not get boo'd for his cusses which would embarrass him, but because they were pretty humiliating you got "OHHHHHHHHHHH" reactions instead. Cena has impressed me so much with how well he's handling the booing fans as the babyface of the company when Rock is there. Imagine how hard that is.
  11. He's probably used to it now, he's had some fans hating his guts since what, 2006? The troll smile when they boo him is just epic.
  12. But nothing really of this magnitude? I know the ECW arena was bad sure, but he's up against someone so much more popular than him in most categories with the fans and he's still making the fans react to his words how he wants them to. Anyone who says Cena has no mic talent are insane.
  13. I thought it was worse during his superman run in 2006/2007 tbh, now he has the respect of some of the smarks but then it was essentially open season. I agree people seem to misunderstand booking and mic ability. He's told to say "JBL is poopy" as it fits his cartoon character. John is great on the mic, it's very rare he stumbles on his words on anything.
  14. Well last night both of them were semi-shooting, I'm guessing none of them weer told to say things like "John you're a babyface I get that", "Promo notes on your arm" and "Returned to boost fast five movie buys". That makes for exceptional promos, the feud is really awesome in my opinion. Still more shows with Rock before Wrestlemania too, so looking forward to one more confrontation.
  15. The Rock is poopy
  16. I find it epicly funny how you are always trying to defend Cena by changing a word or two at every post.
    He's had "some" fans hating? Really? Is it that hard to admit and write "majority" instead of "some"? You are just trying to twist the facts the support your own theories, thats the problem, however theories doesnt change facts.

    On topic.
    1)The guy must be a genious to write up a 10 minute promo on his wrist.
    2)Oh ofcourse, even if it was actually the promo written, its so hart to believe that it was part of the storyline, because then we cant defend our famously overrated superman wrestler anymore can we?

    However i already accepted Cena's mic skills has improved a lot. But its mainly because he has been up against the likes of Kane and Rock's recently. I would like to see him cut a promo, even half good as his rock or kane promos, when hes the WWE Champion.
    When it was for the Championship all his promos drastically change to "i am not intimidated by you." and "i will never back down". It sounds harsh but thats the way it is, and im sure everybody, whos judgements arent clouded by overgrown emotions to defend their superhero face of the current wwe, will agree that his promos drastically got better when he started getting involved in non title feuds aka since around rock's arrival.
    And although i have to accept that his promos have been way way above wwe standards recently, im pretty sure that once this feud is over, if wwe keeps him as a face and moves him back to title matches his promos will go back to that superhero clown gimmick. Does he have what it takes, like CM Punk, to cut interesting promos for Title matches? I highly doubt it, and i highly doubt vince will let him do it either, because kids love this cena, even though his character was stale for most of the mature fans, he makes too much money for with his superhero character. Hence once again, my hate for PG, if this wasnt a kid's show Cena would be involved in more interesting storylines like the Kane and Rock feuds, thus not limiting his ability.

    Also the recent talk of Cena turning heel and starting his own group, with the likes of Vince, HHH, Kane etc, sounds great, but i doubt that will happen, because face cena will make them 3x the money, and hence we will have to deal with the superhero cena again after a few months. Once again, if the show wasnt PG, and the main audience source wasnt kids, Cena's heel turn would have surely happened.

    They managed to turn Hogan Heel, i dont see why they wouldnt have turned Cena heel. But they prob wouldnt , not untill atleast 4 more years atleast, turn him heel.

    Second reason for disliking Cena is his lazyness in the ring. We all saw what he is capable off in his debut match against angle. Where did all those moves go? He has turned into a 4 move guy as most have noticed, and the argument that he doesnt have to do more is totally insulting. Its not about what u HAVE to do, but what u DO.

    Also, i dislike how Cena's fitness is always so low. I mean Rock used to be like Jericho or Orton or Barett build when he was at his prime, now he is bulkier than ever, and i suggest everyone to recheck his tag team match, those arm drag downs, and smoothness, and flexibility in ring, from someone of his built isnt very common, and once again he didnt have to do those moves to please the fans, they would have cheered for him no matter what, so why should cena be an exception.

    Waiting for a valid response, but im sure all i will get is a "cena > rock. u mad?" type of immature response from an immature person, everyone knows who.
  17. Why has the arena been filled with his merch since 2006? Why has he been the top seller for the majority of his time as a top face? The majority of fans don't hate him other wise he'd be a poor seller in merch, after all who'd buy a shirt of a man they hate?
  18. Was the top selling merch superstar for 6 years straight, thought I'd drop that in. The rest is too moronic for me to reply too.
  19. Who gives a fuck that Cena sells t shirts to little kids? I sure as hell don't
  20. It shows he can't be hated by everyone if they buy his merch, not to mention he's always one of the top sellers in adult sizes too.
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