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  1. Has the best finishers discuss.
  2. His finishers are one of the worst :gtfo: no but seriously, they are awful, they wouldn't hurt at all. Bryan, Sheamus and Orton have the best finishers.
  3. I love the Rock Bottom tbh. Such a good impact move. The rest imo sorta suck.
  4. Great show moves, horrible for credibility. In the same line as Cena and Hogan.
  5. But it wouldn't hurt at all though, just falling on your back from 6 feet up on a soft mat, whereas the Brogue, RKO and Yes Lock would all seriously hurt.
  6. The Rock Bottom has the shock factor but that's about it IMO. It's a poor ass uranage slam thing.
  7. RKO doesn't hurt, had someone use that move on me. No, The Rock does not have the best finishers. Even CM Punk's GTS looks better, and his Anaconda Vice looks better too. Personally I'm a fan of Darren Young's finisher because that shit looks badass, especially when he does it from the top rope.
  8. How is this a spoiler?
  9. Infact stone cold had the best finisher


  10. What do you mean by "best"? Most effective from a kayfabe sense, it's probably the tombstone or pedigree. From a visual standpoint the SSP by Evan Bourne was great.
  11. U NO ASHLEY SAID THAT! :serious:
  12. Huh ?
  13. OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:
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  14. Black Mamba getting trolled now
  15. Chokeslam is the best finisher
  16. What do you meAn?
  17. Nash, the Jackknife Powerbomb. :gusta:
  18. You're on the internet, search what troll means.
  19. Some of you are going to hate me for saying this, but the Miz's "Skull Crushing Finale" is actually a very strong-looking move and actually would probably hurt (of course, it would probably hurt your arms, too, but....).

    But you also have to go back to a couple of old-school finishers. I'm thinking predominantly of the Figure-4 Leglock, which, if I'm remembering from an old friend who was an amateur wrestler, was actually outlawed as a leghold in the amateur ranks because of the serious damage it could do to a person's knee.

    As far as the Rock's finishers, the Rockbottom is a decent-looking impact move and could hurt if done properly (the uranage suplex it's based off of is a legit move), but the Rock (and Booker T) drop people flat on their back (to spread the impact, remember, it's "fake fighting") when an actual uranage slam/suplex drops people across the top edge of their shoulders, impacting the lower neck. The People's Elbow is....really? It's an elbow drop with dancing around, during which, in a real fight, somebody would probably jump up and attack you or just jump across the "fighting arena" and attack you while you are performing your theatrics (*cough* CM Punk *cough*).

  20. Depends on best for ease of doing the rock bottom was awesome same as the stunner as could just invade the ring and BOOM rock bottom!
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