The Rock's cheat meal day

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. It's a few weeks old, but worth the mention..


    Rock vs 12 pancakes - Rock vs 4 Pizza's - Rock vs 21 brownies and a big mug of milk..

  2. OK then.
  3. Cheating is an essential part of dieting it seems to offer a leptin boost to stop BMR getting to a lower level to compensate for the less food. Not sure whether he was maintaining or trying to slim down further however he must eat a huge amount of calories when you factor in his size and activity level.
  4. 4 pizza's :laugh:
  5. I saw that. Dude goes hard, but i think he said that was his 1st in like a year so if you only have one a year relish in that shit
  6. Eating all that is a good way to get sick
  7. Cheat meal day after his 150 day diet..
  8. Did he go into a coma? lol
  9. My cheating day is orange juice with a veggie burger.
  10. I read that if you restrict yourself to a set diet you should have one day a week, every week, where you eat anything and as much as you want. It resets the metabolism.
  11. Never heard of that. Should check that up though.
  12. Psh that's nothing, you should see how much Orton eats when he gets the weed munchies.
  13. Fuck me thats some cheat day meals
  14. Getting in shape to whoop CM Punk's ass?
  15. Sure as hell challenging Punk..

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