The Rock's set for new TV series

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 24, 2013.

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  1. According to a report from, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set for a new TV series on TNT. Below is the article:

    There will not be a second season of TNT‘s The Hero but the network has picked up a new aspirational reality series from the auspices behind it – star/executive producer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Electus.

    TNT has greenlighted Wake Up Call (working title), in which Johnson will lend a helping hand to everyday people who are facing enormous challenges in their lives. TNT has ordered eight one-hour episodes for a 2014 premiere. Electus, 5×5 Media and 7 Bucks Entertainment are producing, with Electus’ Ben Silverman, Chris Grant and Jimmy Fox executive producing alongside Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk and Charles Wachter of 5×5 Media; and Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia of 7 Bucks.

    “We had a wonderful time working with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on The Hero, in which he challenged and mentored a group of everyday heroes,” said David Eilenberg, SVP, unscripted development for TNT and TBS. “Wake Up Call evolved from our experience on The Hero and is its natural successor, bringing the human spirit of that show home to take on everyday challenges.”

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Good lord, does the man ever sleep? Gotta respect his hustle.
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  3. Lol no respekt 4 teh Rock. He iz shitty since he no be gud WWE chmpeeon. Lol wut a noob. Does he evn lft?
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  4. What can't the Rock do?
  5. Be a vanilla midget
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  7. Well. Call me a hater, but I really don't understand what all the worship is about. I mean, it's reality TV. He's not curing cancer, he didn't win a Nobel prize, and his run in WWE still sucked more dick than all his marks combined. So, uh...grats to the Rock, I guess.
  8. The same can be said about Ryan Seacrest.
  9. You have to give it to him for having such a hectic schedule and still wanting time to do something with the WWE. As much as his run was bad, the dude works his ass off.
  10. Who's worshiping?
  11. Talk to me once he does anything physically active.
  12. Yeah, I guess, but a 435 day reign ended with an elbow drop is pretty hard to forgive. :sad:
  13. It's the most electrifying move in sports entertainment :true:
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  14. Okay, but it was misused and poorly performed in that title match, take a look:

    Notice the hulk up and the embarrassing bouncing around like a beached fish? That's not 'vintage' Rock at all. The people's elbow was always best when it was delivered with that cool confidence the Rock was known for. He looks like a Cena wanna-be here.

    But anyway, this is off topic (and nitpicking) and I didn't mean to derail the thread. Just saying.
  15. I love that ending. It eats at Punk marks whenever mentioned :jeritroll: Its glorious
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  16. Oh, fuck you. I knew I never should've entered this thread...:okay:
  17. Lol well Punk marks need to get over it. He took control of the Nation of Domination, and I don't complain about Rock when he is mentioned.
  18. Still. Hater's gonna hate.
  19. :pity1: Haters need to move on or be left behind.
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