The Rock's Shape

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Been arguing with some of my friends about The Rock's current wrestling shape. They say it was him selling the moves done by CM Punk, to me it looked like he gassed out from the promo before the match and than from the entrance he did. He also seemed to be way to hyperbole during both of this, and as soon as the bell rang, it was very noticeable how tired he was.

    So what is your opinion?
  2. Yes, he was gassed halfway through his promo. No secret that his cardio is worse than mine these days.
  3. He's big because of his movie career, his cardio sucks because of that. I don't blame him for that at all and certainly don't expect awesome matches out of him.
  4. My honest opinion is a little less with the iron and a little more with the cardio
  5. The dude's been away from the ring for a long time, I think it's only natural for him to be rusty. Even if he does work out a lot, it's not the same as being in the ring week in, week out.
  6. BTW this is a great quote from CM Punk on his twitter that I found yesterday

    Random person "The rock is doing cardio this AM, what are you doing to get ready for the smackdown"

    CM Punk "Wrestling"
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  7. The match answered to this question..
  8. Dwayne is in great shape at 40 years old and considering he hasent wrestled for 7/8 years hes doing pretty damn well. He doesnt gass in matches he is selling the moves thats what wrestlers should be doing in matches. Dwayne defintely still has it and I hope he stays in WWE
  9. He changed his style of wrestling if anyone has noticed. Rock used to be a more fluent wrestler in the ring, but I think that would require him to lose some of that muscle mass which I doubt he will because it's a good look for movies. Rock has adapted his style to being more of a powerhouse kind of guy although there are remnants of his old style there. That type of wrestling style wouldn't require much cardio, so more than likely just worked on his muscles than anything, we've all seen the photos of his workouts, not many running photos.
  10. He's a movie actor who drops and gains weight depending on his movie roles. Naturally his cardio is going to take a beating if he just focuses on the weight.
  11. He's built for power, not speed. The bigger he is, the more action roles he gets, the more money he makes. I would do the same if I were in the same position.
  12. I'd grow a beard and get fat. Zach Galifinakis money.
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  13. I can't understand how a dude who goes out at 4.30 am for cardio can be gassed by this..
  14. 20 mins of cardio, 7 hours of weights :true:
  15. Just finished re-watching the Punk/Rock match, and while he definitely need to work on his cardio, the man was bumping and selling like a maniac. He might be rusty, but when it comes to bumps/selling, he's as great as ever. He made Punk look great.
  16. The bigger the wrestler, the slower they are. Punk can be a quick wrestler as well, so it made him look slower than he was.
  17. It was a classic style match with a lot of strikes. It told a story of aggression at first. It was better than people give it credit for.
  18. Loved rock selling the shield's power bomb at raw . With blood included
  19. 22* :pity2:

  20. Firstly he is much much older now, we notice it more as he stopped then started. If he was wrestling consistently over last 8 yrs and getting bigger and changing his style we wouldn't notice as much.

    The rock is so much more of a unit now for his films he's not nessecarily slower in efforts more to the fact mobility will be a lot more restricted to lack of range of elasticity.

    The more fat u lose great but muscle weight is stupidly heavy. He could easily cut up and keep size and improve cardio but he would never be as quick as hea too heavy. Also remember once you hit 30 your body reacts very differently to exercise and recovery/ improvig body you slow down.

    I have been working out 10 yrs and im only 28 and i notice a difference over last few yrs already. Im afraid to say no matter what we will never see the rock of old again. Angle hhh xpac hardyz etc anyone fast etc never again.
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