The Roman Empire starting to break through?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RVD_86, May 5, 2016.

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  1. Is it just me or did Roman Reigns get no where near as much heat as normal on SmackDown this week?!?

    I actually thought sections of the crowd were going crazy for him although there was still a large chunk attempting to boo him out the building. Is this a sign that things just may be on the turnaround for him?

    I have to say what a main event those guys put on SmackDown as well. Absolutely first class. First SmackDown I've seriously enjoyed watching for as long as I can remember. Good job WWE ! And great job to Roman Reigns, Uso's, Anderson/gallows and AJ Styles
  2. Unless we hear of actual live reports, I don't buy any reaction on SmackDown. The piped crowd reactions is one of the main reasons I quit watching.
  3. Didn't watch smackdown, rarely do anyways. But was it the same 3v3 teams that were on raw?
  4. Interesting point, how does that happen on SmackDown more than any other show?
  5. Because Smackdown is taped.
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  6. I just thought that minus the cheering which is obviously tampered with by the sounds of it that Reigns was getting some support when I was looking into the crowd and reading body language. There seemed to be quite a number supporting him but a lot dissing him at the same time. I don't know, I'm maybe just reading into it wrong...
  7. safe to say those reactions are fake. WWE are known to mess with that shit when something isn't live. I would just wait for RAW or a PPV to find out haha
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  8. Nah, SmackDown has canned heat. It's pretty obvious the crowd reactions are fake, like when you hear Natalya or Big Show come out to a Steve Austin pop and all you can do is: :booker2:
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