The Roman Empire Will Reign

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  1. Philly's little stunt, while noteworthy, will not stop the Death Train A'Comin' to WrestleMania known as Roman Reigns. Roman is going to pin Daniel Bryan in a very competitive match at Fast Lane, solidifying his spot, and then he will hit Brock with about 50 Superman Punches at WrestleMania. Brock will German Suplay him valiantly, but will not be enough to stop the spear. Long Live The Roman Empire.
  2. Oh I know I know, the internet hates it. Blah blah blah.
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  3. You know he was agreeing with you, right? lol
  4. Mainly I was thinking "This couldn't have been posted in one of the 10 Reigns threads?"

    But how would he think I hate it? Is my sig not me fapping to Reigns?
  5. Oh right on, well since we are in agreement then kind sir.... let us lead the charge on our noble steeds for The Roman Empire!!
  6. You know, I've been waiting for them to start talking about how the Roman Empire will rise or whatever on TV, as well. I think that's too great a wordplay not to bring it up. Kudos.
  7. I'll be honest, I heard it from WWE or something I think several months ago.

  8. See that gif looked like snarkiness had been implied. I took it as a visual version of "cool story bro" lol
  9. Don't recall it myself, but I do remember seeing a sign with "Roman Empire" on some show a few weeks back. One way or the other it's money.
  10. Will The Roman Empire reign?


    Pumped for Bryan/Reigns match at Fast Lane, it's gonna be a helluva ME.

  11. Yeah I've seen signs over the last year as well. Yeah man whichever, it's awesome. So many tag lines they can use. "Roman reigns SUPREME!"
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  12. I like the catch phrase. It's catchy and I can see it being a slogan in shirts, etc. but I hope we have Bryan vs. Brock. So fuck the empire!
  13. Roman Reigns is probably the coolest name that the WWE has coined in the last ten years, easy.

    Edit: I figured saying ten years would make it seem like a long time, but 2005 doesn't seem that long ago. Damn.
  14. If the Roman Empire reigns and I get to hear less about the Cenation for the rest of my life, then veni vidi vici.
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  15. Touche, bro.

    Well said.
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  16. Thanks, I'm sort of proud of that one :emoji_wink:
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  17. Bryan is 34. If they go that route that's awesome for a one-off again at Mania, but it's only a band-aid on the current situation. The situation I'm referring to is a lack of depth on the roster and needing a guy to take Cena's spot. They need to elevate Roman and his fellow alumni (Shield, Wyatt) to WWE Titles so they can start bringing in these NXT guys to fill out the mid-card.

    Is Roman ready? Maybe not, but who the fuck is ready for the enormity of that role? Cena raised the bar far beyond what Bruno, Hulk, or Austin had to do.
  18. Well first, 34 is not too old to be pushed as the main guy in a wrestling company. Before the decade of Cena, they didn't rely on just one guy for such a long period of time. Regardless, 34 is not that old. Shawn Michaels turned 34 in 2000 and he was one of the consistent performers up until his retirement.

    Besides I don't think most people want one guy to carry the company for such a long period of time. That's why WWE is so stagnant because they keep falling back on Cena. What WWE NEEDS is an ensemble cast like they had in the Attitude Era. Sure Rock and Austin were the top guys, but they weren't alone.

    How has Cena raised any bar higher? He's a wretched talker who basically comes out and recaps everything that has happened and explains the current situation as if he's a narrator. This is much like this:

    "So for ten years we have had two world championships, one on Raw and one on Smackdown! There were two, count em, two champions at any given time. And now- NOW- we have a match in which both champions will fight in a match to make those two titles into one!"

    Yeah, thanks Fuckwad, we didn't know that from watching the show. He's an average wrestler who can have phenomenal matches only occasionally depending upon the opponent. One thing John Cena has not done is raise the bar.

    I agree with what you've said about elevating new guys but the way to do that is not by just giving them all a world title reign. But WWE has to start giving them consistent storylines and not letting the old champs like Cena keep putting them down. Cena is the thing that has been keeping these other guys from reaching the top. Vince McMahon can claim that the roster is not stepping up but what good does it do when you're just going to be fed to Cena anyway?

    It's a bad idea in this day and age to rest the company on one man's shoulders. They need a solid core of guys that can always be in competition for the belt, and both Roman Reigns AND Daniel Bryan deserve to be in that group. So does Rollins, Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.

    I doubt anyone wants to see another 10 years with one guy at the top, regardless of who it is. That is why WWE is so stale right now. I have no problem with Roman Reigns winning the championship at all. I do have a problem with the idea of putting the company on his shoulders and his shoulders alone.

    You're right thay they need a solid top tier established but they don't need to solidify it. When the NXT wrestlers fill out the mid and under card, they need to be given the opportunities that many wrestlers have not been given in the past 10 years due to the omnipresence of John Cena.
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  19. What I'm referring to in regards to handling the role of being the top guy in WWE isn't just cutting promos and having Dave Meltzer give you ****1/4. Media, charity, being a guy that can represent the company during any public function. First to arrive, last to leave. Setting the example for everyone else in the company by being the hardest working guy there. That's what Cena does. Austin had some media etc, Hogan a little bit, and Bruno basically just wrestled. You can't get away with just being a good wrestler and expect to be the top guy. I shouldn't have to explain this I don't think, but just to clarify what I'm talking about.

    Is Roman up for that? We'll certainly see very soon. I know he's a family man and of course he wants to push this thing to the limit as far as he can to provide for that family.

    And on Bryan's age... yeah sure HBK came back but he'd already established himself as one of the greatest living wrestlers before he was 30. Bryan got over like 18 months ago. His look really is prohibitive too. Maybe if he trimmed back the Duck Dynasty shit a bit...