The Roman Reigns Revenue Problem

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. I see Roman Reigns and I see the same problem I saw with Batista and Goldberg.
    I don't believe I ever saw Batista walk to the ring wearing merchandise. He didn't promote it.
    Goldberg also never wore merchandise, but he benefited from peaking at a time when wrestling was hot.

    Reigns has new ring gear, but it doesn't allow much to work with, does it?
    It appears the S.W.A.T gimmick is something he's gonna ride for the foreseeable future, which I dig.
    He could wear wrist/arm bands or a beanie hat but would that not be too limiting?

    I ask because this seems relevant in terms of Reigns being their guy.
    If he can't move merch or if he's somewhat limited in that area, do they not have a problem?
    Is there untapped merchandise ideas Reigns can use to maximize his revenue power?
  2. Does a guy have to wear merch to push merch?

    Goldberg t shirts were everywhere in the 90s, the ones with his goofy tattoo that said "Who'sNext?"

    if you give kids a shirt with reigns spearing the shit out of something or someone they will make Dad buy it for them
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  3. Merchandise makes up a very small percentage of WWE's overall revenue. If he's selling out house shows and Network subs then he is earning them money.
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  4. Regardless of merchandise, Reigns is very over with the crowd and seems like one of WWE's top draws. When his theme hits and/or introduced, there aren't many right now that can match that pop he gets week after week. If he eventually gets his own T-shirt or additional merchandise (which I'm sure he will once The Shield is completely disbanded), I imagine it will do well since the fanbase seems to be behind him.
  5. This discussion is like shooting in the dark. Reigns doesn't have any merchandise so there's no way to tell if he will sell any as a solo act. The Shield never wore their T-shirts to the ring but they were top sellers from the moment they launched that line.
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  6. Well, I'm sure he could wear a t-shirt over his SWAT vest, and he'll probably not need it much if/when he loses some of his gut. Plus, he could sell merch without wearing it, I mean, if it's in the stands and the website the fans will surely go for it.
  7. I didn't realize no one would buy his T-Shirt if he didn't wear it coming to the ring?

    If he's popular enough, people will buy his T-Shirts. He really doesn't need to be a living breathing advertisement.
  8. I was under the impression that since all the best 'seller' wore their gear (Technically Austin never wore his mercy to his actual matches, except WM 5 [which he admitted was his fault]).

    He could wear merch in all his other segments but it just alarms me not to see him wearing some already. It would make better business sense to promote what your selling so fans can be reminded that you have a new t- shirt out.

    The fans in the arena would know, but those watching at home would have no idea. I wrestlers themselves make a big chunk of their own commission off of merchandise. I wrongly assumed merchandise was a bigger part of the revenue pie.
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