THE Royal Rumble Chapter 1

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  1. "Hello Everyone! Michael Cole here with, of course, my broadcast colleagues JBL and hall of famer Jerry "The King" Lawler.
    JBL: "Great to be here Cole, for such a monstrous occasion."
    Lawler: "Yeah! I cannot believe what transpired these last few weeks!"
    Cole: "Yeah, since Vince McMahons hostile takeover of both "Impact" Wrestling and Ring of Honor. He didn't take long to make things interesting!"
    JBL: " Yeah Cole! An impromptu 40 man Royal Rumble match to unify the WWE, World Heavyweight, Impact, and ROH titles all in one shot!"
    Cole: "40 men enter the Rumble, one man will emerge as the as the United Undisputed, World Wrestling Entertainment Champion of the World!
    Lawler: "Puppies! I hope Epico and Primo are in this. That way I get to see Rosa!"
    "Don't expect to see a lot of filler in this match King!" said Cole, "40 superstars from all of the old promotions have been given a Golden Ticket if you would, to compete for this coveted title."
    "No Puppies?"
    "Probably not King"
    JBL: "King! your old enough to be most of these Divas grandfather, hasen'tt your heart been through enough?"
    King:"True, I have had as many ex wives as Ric Flair!"
    Cole:" Lets get to the ring.....Christie Hemme is about to kick it off!"

    Camera starts low, at Hemmes feet, slowly working its way up her legs, finally stopping at her face. "Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for the Royal Rumble match! You MUST be thrown over the top rope and have both feet hit the floor to be eliminated. Every 2 minutes the Buzzer will sound and a new superstar shall enter the match. Once all the entrants have entered, the last man standing will be crowned the new WWE Champion!"
    "Now, lets see who drew number 1!"

    "Sorry! About your DAMNED LUCK!" Echoed throughout the arena as the crowd popped hard for the entrance of the Cowboy James Storm. He stood at the the entrance ramp, staring out at the crowd as the "Cowboy! Cowboy" chants echo through the arena.

    Cole:" WOW! James Storm, former Impact champion, and multi-time tag team champion gets the unenviable task of being the first guy in this star studded event!'
    JBL "Yeah, he is going to have to last at least an hour and a half to win this thing Cole!'

    Storm enters the ring. A look of concern on his face. Not knowing who is coming out next to face him. But ready for just about anyone.

    The camera pans back to Hemme. "And now, lets see who drew number 2!"
    The camera pans back to the entrance ramp. The seconds seemed like eons to Storm.....who was awaiting his fate.

    "From Hells Kitchen New York! Bully Ray!"

    "ITS A DAMNED CONSPIRACY!!!" screamed JBL! "Vince stacked the deck against Impact from the beginning!"

    As Bully Ray entered the ring, the camera panned out to the crowd where where his new wife Brooke was cheering him on. Bully walked over to Storm and sticks out his hand, which Storm accepted. "Show of good faith?" King explained "Or mocking ROH's honor system?"

    "Who cares? Lets just get this started!" said an exuberant JBL.


    Storm and Bully start circling around each other in the ring....finally a collar and elbow tie up and Bully muscles Storm to the corner followed by a clean break. Storm nods his head in approval as the crowd cheers. Another tie up, Storm starts with a head lock, Bully pushes him off towards the ropes. Storm hits a boot to the chest. Then a punch as Bully is reeling. Storm gets him to the ropes, but Bully counters with a quick jab and a body slam. Bully bends down to grab Storm but the countdown piqued his interest........5.........4........3........2........1........BUZZZZZ!

    You could just imagine the smile on Storms face when out came Frankie Kazarian. "I KNEW IT" JBL yelled "Vince rigged this against Impact!" "Calm down John." Cole explained "Its a random draw."
    Kaz took his sweet time getting to the ring, Storm and Bully were waiting on him. As soon as Kaz entered, he was swiftly met with a kick to the stomach by Storm, followed by a punch to the back by Bully. Kazarian was getting very little offense in to start his stint as a WWE employee, and his chances were fading fast.
    Body slams, suplexes, Bubba Bomb... Kas was fading fast... His only hope was the BUZZZZZZZ!
    #4 "Booyaka Booyaka 619! Rey Mysterio catapults from the ramp and runs straight into the fray! First sending a flurry of kicks at Bully Ray and darting over to get a shot on Kaz before Storm hits him with a clothesline, "Nice clothesline, if I do say so myself" exclaimed JBL.
    The crowd cheered loudly as the 4 combatants battled furiously. Storm paired off with Mysterio, and Bully and Kaz stated trading punches. the action started to lull as the men went at each other with punches and kicks, trying to jostle their opponent towards the ropes and their elimination.

    Cole:"Looks like number 5 is about to arrive!"
    "Wow genius! What was your first clue? The countdown timer?" Retorted JBL "Lets just see who it is!"

    Michael Cole almost jumped on top of the announce table, he leaped so high with excitement as "I CAME TO PLAY!" started on the music system. "ITS THE MIZ!" "ITS THE MIZ!" screamed Cole as the Miz bolted straight to towards the ring. His initial target you ask? He bee lined it straight to Bully Ray with a flurry of punches. "Wow! Miz must remember something he did when he was originally with the company!" Cole said. Which was in fact, true.
    In reality Bully Ray was one of the people who when Miz first broke into the business after appearing in reality TV who would mock a young Mike Mizanen. "Your not good enough" "You shouldn't be here" "You Nevah make it!"

    That rage fueled the Miz right into Bully Ray. The offensive flurry was so overwhelming that Storm, Kaz, and Mysterio actually stopped what they were doing just to watch them battle.

    After a few minutes of this, all 5 combatants were in the middle of the ring, a sea of bodies pummeling each other. No one wanting to give way to anyone. Thats when it happened. Miz gets accidentally on purpose poked in the eye. he takes few steps backwards until he can feel the ropes. it was all pretty random how the next series of events happened. Miz recounts the event:
    "I didn't see him, I was blinded. I felt a hand on my shoulder and i instinctively kicked out and apparently got him the the mid section. Once he doubled over I grabbed his head and threw him towards the ropes as hard as I could. I didn't even realize that he was eliminated until I had gotten to the corner and and got my bearings and wiped my eye clear"
    As the buzzer countdown started, not many people had noticed as they were buzzing about the first elimination, an elimination of happenstance....The elimination of the Cowboy.... James Storm.

    "Sorry! about your damn luck!" chuckled JBL.....
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  2. Feel free to leave comments please.

    This way I know weather to continue or not
  3. So far so good, crazy how the random draw picked all those iMPACT guys first.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, it makes it harder to formulate the story in the fly. But it makes for some interesting drama
  5. Awesome IMO ...Keep it up dude
  6. Nice read actually. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep it up.
  7. Awesome Can wait for the next one
  8. Really enjoyed this. I went into this expecting and wanting nothing more than a fun read and this definitely delivered. Provided quite a bit of chuckles, some odd-nontraditional moments (such as having Miz describe how the elimination happened [which by the way, was my favorite part of the whole thing]), and even some nice psychology like with Miz going for Bully. Since I feel obligated to point out some things that could use improvements, I guess I'll have to say that coding could use some work but meh.

    Also, loved how you kept it realistic and had Lawler shut up after he realized no diva's would be involved.
  9. This was great
  10. prolly going to start on chapter 2 sometime today... been a busy week thus far at the store. Add sickly children to the mix and it makes for very little time.
  11. I am currently entering entrant number 8 in the event... I write in spurts....starting to get interesting.

    Who do all of you think I should have In this thing?
    i have the roster already done...just wanting rose who you think I should have added
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