Royal Rumble The rumble final four?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. Granted the rumble isn't until January. But I figured we could discuss this.

    Who do you see as being in the final four of the rumble match? And who do you see winning?

    If Cena holds the belt going out of TLC then I see the final four being Punk, Bryan, Orton and Reigns, with either Punk or Bryan winning. It feels like it is their year. If Orton somehow holds a belt (the switch belt finish for TLC that has been discussed) then I see him being replaced by someone like Wyatt or Sheamus.

    My darkhorses are Cody, Sheamus, Wyatt, Rollins/Ambrose, Big Show. But my gut is telling me it will be Punk, Bryan, Orton and Reigns.

    Who do you think?
  2. As I said in another thread, I think Bryan + The Shield is a possibility like when Hunter was up against Legacy a few years back.

    There's usually a strong, big guy left in until the end who's supposed to be seen as the favourite. This could be Ryback, Henry or Show next year.

    Ziggler is a dark horse too.
  3. ^No he's not lol
  4. my picks
  5. ryback lol

    you guys are crazy
  6. Assuming Orton and Cena will have a singles match at RR, my four would be: Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, and Ryback.
  7. A "big man only" final 4 would still not have Ryback in it lol

    Punk, Bryan, Langston, Rey
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  8. I'm not saying I want Ryback in it but you can't argue that Vince doesn't love the big guy for whatever reason.

    Look who he's faced this year: Cena (twice), Henry (twice), Punk (twice), Jericho etc. He's regularly involved in big storylines. He needs to return to his face role and beat Lesnar at WM, getting revenge on Heyman for dumping him.
  9. Oh god, fuck you for even mentioning this. Glad you aren't booking mate.
  10. That's how he'd get back to where he was in WM season. Very over. That match would draw too
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  12. I'll have to go with Bryan, Langston, Punk,and Reigns as my final four picks.

    My darkhorses would be Rollins ,Ambrose, Rhodes Wyatt,and, Goldust.
  13. He's always been in big spots, but he's usually embarrassed in those spots. He's a jobber right now. What teams have less credibility than he and Axel? There's 3MB... They're probably next to PTP, right behind Tons of Funk in the tag team pecking order.

    After the Cena feud, haven't been able to take him seriously, and things have only went downhill. Don't see how his character's salvagable outside of a long, long break and a complete repackaging, if he beat Lesnar at this point we just wouldn't believe it.
  14. Here is all you need to know about Ryback: when Henry's music hit, everyone watching on stream, ppv or in the arena knew he Ryback was going to get dominated. There was no question about it. Because he is a fucking jobber lol
  15. Yeah that's what I'm saying. Have him take a break for a while and return in February time. Then, on some random RAW, take out Lesnar and Heyman.

    Of course he's salvageable. He's young and I imagine he'll win a WWE title at some point.
  16. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  17. Goldust lasting a long while in the Rumble would be pretty cool, I love the story of the old veteran trying to get his last shot at glory.
  18. Ryback is so far up shit creek it isn't even funny right now. Plus they have superior big men in Big E and Reigns right now.
  19. I'm more than certain Punk and Bryan will be 2/4 of the final four. The other two will be either Orton or Cena (depending on who isn't champion by then) and either Roman Reigns or Sheamus (who will have just made his return in the Rumble.)

    With The Beard and The Best being partners lately and with me finding it hard to believe that anyone other than Punk or Bryan is winning this thing, I see the match coming down to those two against one another in the end. Perhaps they'll even go over the top rope and hit the floor at the same time and both be declared the winner (a duplicate of the same ending we got with Luger/Bret twenty years before) and then both could go on to challenge Orton (as well as each other) in a triple threat for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania.

    And I see zero chance of Ryback making it to the final four. I see even less chance (as in 0%) that he fights and beats Lesnar at Wrestlemania. No way would they waste a Lesnar match at Mania on Ryback.
  20. HHH or a returning Sheamus to come out near 31, expecting Ziggler to start like last year but only make it midway, could see him lasting to 20ish.

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