GFW The rumored secret TNA investors are....

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  1. Again. Just a rumor, but one that carries a lot of weight due to the Harris' brothers history with TNA and actually working with them in regards to production (and strong arming production crews to work without pay).

    So if true, TNA's new top bosses will be a set of nazi twins.

    TNA truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
  2. so the new TNA investors are their employees?
  3. The Harris twins worked for TNA as consultants/freelancers/rented service rather than full time employees. They have a couple of companies in the production industry and do stuff for events and such (I guess). So basically they are using their own company to buy part in the company they do a lot of work in
  4. UPDATE:
    Apparently TNA/Dixie borrowed money from a company the Harris twins are involved in (Aroluxe) to fund the last set of TV tapings and the upcoming one. But there was a caveat in the loan that if they did not pay the money back by a certain date (some sources say today, some say April 20, which ironically enough is Hitler's birthday, go figure with the Harris twins), then the company would gain majority shares in TNA.

    tldr: TNA/Dixie borrowed money using shares in the company as a deposit, then failed to make the payment plan.
  5. Surely they have someone who realized that was a bad idea. This is legit the most TNA thing TNA has ever done.
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  6. Here's the report from PWinsider describing the whole thing.

  7. Just because.
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  9. https://www.

    Seriously that not media! My cnotent.
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  10. The target being $14 is legit the best part.
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  11. Final Resolution is going to be one interesting show...
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  12. Fucking Fray
  13. Never heard of 'em. lol
  14. :ambrose3:
    Anyone else remember the "If you don't like it, shake out hands and walk away" incident? I wonder when the day will come when a group of hardcore wrestling fans actually invest in a company together....
  15. They want to see a good product, not make one themselves.
  16. [​IMG] - good cover up, harris
  17. Shame on you! They had an amazing run in the WWF in 1995 managed by our good friend Zeb Coulter... under the alias Uncle Zebekiah. Hang your head in shame!
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  18. I thought you were going to say the DOA with Krush.

    Or any heel faction booked by Russo not named the corporate ministry. Since they were the muscle for almost everyone of them
  19. Fucks sake, Dixie, you should've sold the company to Toby Keith and JJ. Can't they just buy it now? You have a decent roster (plus your own additions), POP TV (so an actual TV deal which is better than what they have) and you can do GFW vs TNA once again but this time with championships on the line.
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