The Ryback vs The Undertaker?

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  1. Pipe dream or possible?
  2. Depends on how his career over the next year goes, but I really, really don't see this happening. Sheamus also mentioned his desire to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 in a few interviews over the past year but that added up to nothing.
  3. IT NOT A "dream" Match Ryback is to young for that! And he a goldberg rip off so no i would not paid money to see it!
  4. Thank God ^
  5. Wish it's possible, I'd love that match
  6. I'd prefer to watch taker piledriving cena....thrice :gusta:
  7. Depending on how long Taker stays around, yes, it's a possibility.
  8. I have goosebumps thinking about it
  9. Not the biggest fan of this match.
  10. Would much rather Taker face someone a bit more agile.
  11. It would be awful. Just imaging if ryback is the only who ends the streak that..that...Oh my
  12. I now remember it was rumored early this year that Triple H was considering Ryback as a possible candidate for defeating the Undertaker.
  13. Bumping old ass thread for new news:


    Second. Please let it be the second.
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  14. Punk was a great selection because of his safe style... it preserved the Undertaker in such a way he was willing to work a match with the Shield (whom he is very high on)

    Physical workers like Brock, Triple H and Ryback put a grind on Undertaker's health so it would really have to be worth it for him... I see no payoff with a Brock feud, particularly with the deadman incarnaation... ABA Taker is a different feud altogether

    If its $ you want, do Brock.... otherwise pick the most deserving guy... guys like Cesaro (who needs better build... starting now), Ziggler, Ambrose or Bray Wyatt... guys who deserve that kind of rub whether they win or not
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  15. Pipe dream, many more deserving
  16. I like Ryback and all, but there's no way he's at the caliber to get the coveted Mania match with Taker.
  17. I like Ryback and all, especially bully Ryback, but he is not at the level where he should be the guy facing Undertaker, and to be honest, by the time he gets there Taker may already be retired.
  18. Ryback is good as a comedy character (intentional or not) but he's just lame as a serious "monster", I can't get into him unless he's doing silly backstage promos and/or making hilarious autistic faces. No way in hell should this even be considered.
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