Hell in a Cell The SDL Women's title match...Fire vs. Ice...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Sep 7, 2018.

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  1. Becky Lynch

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  2. Charlotte Flair

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  1. [​IMG]

    So...I'm pretty keen for this one as you all probably know.

    I'm a big fan of both ladies...and while I will admit Charlotte has been over pushed
    & Becky criminally under pushed...and Becky's heel turn didn't really work...I don't
    care...because I'm getting a match I've wanted ever since Charlotte arrived on SDL.

    In fact this maybe the first main roster match I've really cared about since Charlotte
    vs. Asuka at Wrestlemania (which was a great match...even of the wrong woman won

    Now a rematch has already been booked for the "Super Show Down" (lame names
    are lame!)

    News - Charlotte & Becky get a Hell in a Cell/Super Show-Down double header

    So it will be interesting to see how this match plays out...and with Evolution around
    the corner...well...we may get a trilogy of Fire vs. Ice on pay per view...which will be
    far superior to seeing Alexa vs. Nia 4 TIMES on pay per view (seriously...WTF?!)

    Now I'm still hopeful this match may be in the cell itself...but if not...I'd have Becky
    grab a mic mid match and request Paige lower the cell anyway. I mean why not?

    They did it during Stone Cold vs. Kane at the King of the Ring 1998...so do it during
    this match for something different.

    Now if I'm booking this feud...I'd have Becky go over in this match (using the figure four
    because again...why not?), then I book the match in Australia as a no contest/double
    count out/weapon DQ with the final match at Evolution being a Last Woman Standing
    match...with Becky retaining & holding the belt till at least Survivor Series to face Ronda
    in a Champion vs. Champion match...keeping Charlotte & Ronda apart by having them
    in different matches...much like they did with Asuka & Charlotte the year before.

    Of course I'm thinking long term here...as I tend to do.

    So what do you guys think?

    Will Becky FINALLY reclaim the title?

    Will Charlotte retain & continue to reign as the Queen of SDL?

    I mean either way I get what I want so I'm all smiles really...unless we get
    a no contest/count out/DQ finish of course.

    Post your comments, thoughts & opinions below & as always I'll see you all
    around the traps.

  2. Charlotte will retain and they will continue this "feud" until E-Vo-Lution where Becky will win. I guarantee that will happen.
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  3. Insider information from Brother Seth here people.

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  4. I mean, I have called a lot of things in WWE correctly as of late.
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  5. That is true...but...the company in general is fairly predictable.

    I'm kind of hoping they throw a curve ball with this match...have
    Becky work the match heel but instead of targeting Charlotte's
    arm...she targets her legs & scores the win with the Figure Four.

    Or I mean they could fight for 20 minutes before one of them gets
    on a mic & confesses their love for the other.

    I mean who really knows at this point right?
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  6. Eh, you got a point and that is one reason I got bored with it in the first place.

    Oh, how about Becky works as a face, like she should, and have Charlotte work as a heel, which she should.


    Eh, I think most have a general idea.
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  7. But you see that would make logical sense & play to both women's
    strength as performers...so the WWE will book the opposite of that.


    Yeah...fair call.
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  8. I mean, WWE has said they don't want Charlotte to be a heel to which I say is fucking dumb because I mean come on, you know, and valid point.


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  9. I think the WWE may be trying to build to a Face vs. Face match between Charlotte
    & Ronda for Wrestlemania 35...kind of like the Hogan/Warrior match from Mania 6...
    only sexier with more wrestling talent & less racism.
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  10. Neither Ronda or Charlotte should be a face. I mean, Ronda was the definition of a heel in UFC and Charlotte is the daughter of one the greatest heels ever. It isn't Rocket Science to figure this out, you know. Also, I see that, but that worked out decently unlike this would and lol.
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  11. I agree...but the WWE most likely want them
    both as faces because MERCHANDISE!!!
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  12. Too bad heels tend to out sell faces nowadays...
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  13. But...I thought heels didn't actually get merchandise?

    Or was that just Jericho?
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  14. Uh, when did heels not get merchandise? Everyone in Bullet Club, LIJ, The Wyatt Family, The Shield, Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Jericho, and many more are/were heels that sold merchandise. So I have no clue where you got that from.
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  15. I thought it was common practice in the WWE to not produce much
    merchandise for their heels focusing more on pushing their faces.

    Its one of main excuses the brainwashed WWE fans use as to why
    the company won't turn Reigns or Cena...and its why the New Day
    are still together.
  16. I was speaking from a general standpoint, so that has been a miscommunication on my part.

    Also, I really don't know if that is true or not. I want to say no because WWE is all about money.
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  17. Becky is kinda working as a face with an edge... Becky needed a character change, she was boring as fuck before.. now she's an angry babyface with a chip on her shoulder. It's perfect.
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  18. Eh, it is just an Attitude Era Face/Tweener/Anti-Hero type thing, which is fine. What I was getting at is that Becky should be defined as a face whether Anti-Hero or what have you and Charlotte should be the obvious heel. If it didn't come across that way, I do apologize.
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  19. Yeah Charlotte should definitely be a heel. She has such an unlikable personality and an arrogance about her that works better as a heel... I never understood Becky's popularity before the character change, she never really did anything.. but this is a breath of fresh air for her..

    Hopefully creative doesn't butcher this feud.
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  20. I agree with all you said, but also she is Ric's daughter. I mean, how do you not use her as a heel for she was meant to be one and we is better at heel because well once again Ric. I know, I may have beaten that horse to death and then some, but that just really irritates me. As far as Becky's popularity there are three routes. The first route, her looks and nothing else, the second route, they enjoyed what they say in NXT and see/saw her as the dark horse, and the third are people who watched her in the Indy scene before she went to WWE. I, myself, is on the third route.

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