The 'Selfie' Incident

Discussion in 'RAW' started by ENFORCER, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. Yes!

  2. No...

  1. So I'm sitting there enjoying a decent tag match between the Rhodes brothers and Show/Mysterio. All of a sudden, the commentators go completely off topic and the next thing I know they take a selfie of themselves. During the match. Camera cuts away to see them. TWICE.

    I mean, where does this end? Can these guys just do whatever the hell they want and get away with it? If I was the talent in that ring I'd be so pissed off. I'd honestly love to see them all replaced by the NXT commentators. Regal and Rene Young, booyah.

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  2. Lawler's face is just downright creepy.
  3. They took selfies? Maybe they're foreshadowing Tyler Breeze's debut, I'd mark hard for that.
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  4. lol I didn't even catch that. Well, it's not like they magically just made the camera cut to them or something, someone backstage made the decision to switch to them twice.
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  5. Yeah good point actually. Still doesn't make it right in my opinion... I get what Vince wants them to do, tell storys and try and engage the casual audience a little bit more in that way. But taking selfies during a decent match? Gorilla Monsoon and JR would be turning in their HOF commentator graves.
  6. I'd give anything to have Gorilla Monsoon or JR back at the announce table instead of what we have to listen to now.
  7. See, WWE Is cool, guys! They're what's hip and happening and with the times! Watch, kiddos!

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  8. I'm sure they did it to do something popular that the kids are into. However, it is quite disrespectful to do during a match. There's plenty of opportunities to take selfies during the countless commercial breaks and moments in-between matches when they do commentary.
  9. agreed, it was far from a "They went too far" moment. Pathetic? Of course....but who doesn't love a good JBL shot.

    ETA: Also LOL @ JBL's watch. Is he wearing the xmas present he got his wife before he had money?
  10. I'll admit I laughed. Show was boring me a lot at that exact point, so it was pretty cool to see I wasn't alone in my boredom.
  11. And can they please please PLEASE stop showing us how to download an APP!? The selfie was just a way to mock Obama who took one at a funeral / memorial.
  12. I'm surprised. A corpse is more entertaining than Orton, why would Obama take a selfie at that time? He should be taking one when Orton has the mic.
  13. Guess it was all about promoting Cole's face so somebody else downloads the stupid WWE App.
  14. I've heard they did it because Obama took one at the Nelson Mandela thing. THANKS OBAMA. :mad1:
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  15. That's sad. @Dolph'sZiggler would show more respect to Nelson.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Incident?

    Dude, let them have some fun at ''work''.
    They're tight on their ''scripts'' if it's called like that.

    Something like this is perfectly fine imo with how they're promoting Instagram FB, Twitter and Snapchat.
  18. Idk WTF is happening, commentary is all BS now
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