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  1. Tagging Seabs since he brought this up in the discussion thread.

    Sheamus isn't a completely useless performer. He can do some nice things in the ring, he's a big draw for fans that come for violence, he's had some good promos before, but most of us can't stand this guy.

    Think I realized the problem on Monday: When Sheamus comes out, I immediately tune out. They've conditioned me to believe that Sheamus's segments are predictable filler. He comes out, wrestles around for about 10 minutes, beats some promising mid-carder with a Brogue Kick, nothing is advanced, next segment. This has been going on for about 2 years ever since his face turn. I can't remember a good feud he's been in outside of maybe was his logical feud with Christian, you never believed his opponents could beat him one-on-one.

    What could you do to make Sheamus interesting? Do you think they should re-gimmick him and if so, what with? How much of his problem stems from the ridiculously strong booking? Who should they feud with? Should they just give up on the guy (threw that one in just for you Craybabe)?

  2. Give him something meaningful, the guy always seems to be floating around the top pops despite not doing much of note, the guy can work well enough (its annoying how so many shit on his ring work on here, is he DB? No. Is he a good brawler with a nice athletic basis? Absolutely.) so stick either a mid card or my preference the tag titles on him. Give the dude an underdog partner who can sell for him before he comes in a fucks shit up. He showed on RAW he's got a great hot tag on him.
  3. I don't even blame WWE's superman booking for the reason I can't stand watching this guy. Orton, Cena, and others have had such booking and I could easily stay and watch them without wanting to commit suicide. WWE's booking never helped him as he was pushed to the top immediately because he tells HHH he's doing great when they work out together, and as soon as that happened he was destined to fail. Even his first heel run - which many consider his best time - was horrific. The guy gets mic time almost weekly, but can't work a mic to save his fucking life. I see some people say "he's not that bad", but he is, he's John Morrison bad. Secondly, the guy can't sell for shit. He makes everyone in the ring look bad. I don't think people knock him as a ring worker for his actual work, as he's a decent brawler and takes bumps well, but he doesn't sell pain and makes his opponent look irrelevant.

    Even though his look is unique, I don't like it. I dislike his matches even if he is a decent brawler; they bore me to tears. What else is there for me to like about him? All his segments are predictable, he kills every decent segment there is whenever he enters. I just have nothing to like. Even people who stand up for the guy say things like "He's not that bad, he's decent at this and can do a bit of this" - that's it? Decent at something and can barely do another, yet you warrant a Sheamus push? There are many wrestlers who could entertain me so much more in the spot Sheamus has.

    To summarise: dislike his ring work, dislike his mic work, dislike his look - what's left? The dude bores me and many others to tears but WWE have only JUST noticed that and put him where he belongs: irrelevant segments and pre-show filler. I just fear the day when WWE want to screw with me and push him towards the WWE title.
  4. A tag team with Wade Barrett would make me content, or even a solid feud, that runs a few months. Both guys have similar styles, and it would entertain me, at least.
  5. This is also the case of pushing a guy too soon, what does he have left to do in the WWE? He's a Royal rumble winner, KOTR winner, 2x WWE champ, WHC champ, US champ. He just needs to win a MITB briefcase, win tag gold and main event WM, and he's done it all - over the course of 2-3 years. They pushed him too soon, and too fast IMO, leaving the spectators bored with him.
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  6. Plain and sample answer turn him heel!
  7. The main issue I have with him is that he is forced to constantly be funny, but he's just not. I don't even think it's his fault, he's seems a very likeable guy IRL, and he does have that Irish charm that makes things funnier than they ashley are, I guess it's the writing that lets him down, as shown below, he can be borderline amusing when the writing is decent.

    Still, in spite of that, I'd go with the other obvious answer which is a complete revamp to his character. He can stay face or heel, but just removing all this smiley pish, have him be an intense brawler who just fights anybody, similar to Orton just now. Although, if it came down to it, I'd turn Sheamus before I'd turn Orton. As stated, the guy can be a decent worker (matches with Show, Tensai, D-Bry and Ziggler for example) and is a confident talker. It's a pretty generic answer from me, but a meaningful feud and a character revamp is all you can really do.
  8. Isn't that his current gimmick?
  9. Lord knows at this point, he's an Irish stereotype I guess.
  10. Personally, I'd play on the stereotype and have him like Storm. The beer-drinking but pretty serious guy. He doesn't have to win everything either. I hate that WWE think losses to their big guns is a life and death thing. When was the last time Sheamus lost clean? Guys like Orton are proof that you can stay over and still lose. Orton has put numerous guys over during this face run, and he still gets 60X the pop Sheamus does who is protected like a world champion.
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  11. *without the smiley pish

    Agree with the above.
  12. Big Show I'm guessing.
  13. I wish they played on the Celtic Warrior mythology a bit more. They could tap so much with that with folk lore and culture see below.

    The Celts were a warrior culture. Fighters were admired like heroes and courage in the battleground was an important virtue. The Celtic elite fighters functioned as models, which should inspire other warriors by their courage.

    The Celts cut off the heads of killed enemies and collected them. It was considered a spiritual gesture, which often also appears in other cultures. The head was valued by the Celts as the seat of life, emotions and the soul. He who had captured a head attained the strength of the fallen enemy. Such trophies were bound to their horse or fastened to their belts, a practice that also served to cause fear in their enemies.

    One of the main motivations of Celtic warriors was the pursuit of glory and to this end the Celts loved exhibition when in battle. Thus there are legends of a Celtic ruler who drove a silver chariot into battle. Naturally silver is very soft and rather unsuitable for a chariot, but the hostile war bands took to flight at the sight of it. Warriors often painted themselves with woed, a blue die, or used war cries in order to intimidate their enemies. Celtic warriors would also wear horned helmets or helmets topped with horse tails into the battle to intimidate their enemies and make themselves appear taller. A helmet was found crowned with a metal raven. When the wearer ran the metal wings of the raven would flap and strike the helm. This is an allusion on the Celtic mythology in which the death goddess gets the souls of the fallen warriors in shape of a raven.
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  14. I pretty much agree, Rain. The guy can work decently, at least now that he's getting shorter matches (his stamina during his WHC run was pretty bad but that's not the point). His look is alright for me, nothing wrong, it's different. But what bores me is his character, his promos. He comes out, tries to be funny, doesn't do so (if it's his fault or the writers' it doesn't matter, either give him better material or a better gimmick, work it out), and buries a promising midcarder, as you said. His promos bore me. The fact he doesn't sell is also annoying, if it were just that I'd be fine with it but it's annoying and when put together with his bad promos and character (bland superman, pretty much no special traits other than I'm Irish) and him doing nothing while burying the midcard it gets unbearable.
  15. He is there specifically for children, not for us. When he comes out children go wild. He's literally the Shrek of the WWE. I never liked a Sheamus promo, but I will admit he can do a couple things in the ring. However him winning so much is just a turn off for me. All his matches just look the same
  16. I don't dislike the guy, his booking is just boring. He doesn't get to do anything meaningful ever it seems.
  17. Sheamus needs a heel turn, otherwise I could give less of a crap about him.
  18. I don't even mind him. He doesn't excite me enough to the point where I look forward to seeing him on my TV each and every week, but if I'm forced to watch him, I don't really mind, so long as I at least semi care about the opponent he's facing.

    Have him do something meaningful. Have him go after the Intercontinental Championship or something. Give a promo about how much he respects the IC Title and all the great champions and how he'd love to hold it himself and then have him feud with Curtis Axel or something.
  19. What do you just call 1-800-FELLA! :pipebomb:
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