The Shield are back on Smackdown with their shoddy camera work lol

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. The Shield are back on Smackdown with their shoddy camera work lol please get the fuck out you are failures you three couldnt even make it on a 3 hour show on Christmas eve Raw lol
  2. Can someone link me to the awesome promo?
  3. +1
  5. I thought their promo was better then I hoped for. :Happy:
  6. Hey BLFFL, Raw had the lowest rating in 15 years and they weren't on it and Maddox was.
    That Steroid Jabroni is gonna get released in 6 months.
  7. 15 years? That's almost 20 years!
  8. :pipebomb:
  9. First off - the ratings had nothing to do with The Shield being on or not, it was Christmas. Even if they were on, it would have still been shitty ratings.

    Second - You can't have the shield on christmas because they put every face over for events like this. The shield needs to be looked at as destructive at all costs. WWE did the right thing.....You know i'm right.
  10. :true:
  11. Re: RE: The Shield are back on Smackdown with their shoddy camera work lol

    I'm guessing you didn't get the purpose, it was using BLFFL style hyperbole to justify why the shield are better than Brad Maddox.
  12. Here's the video:

  13. The shield is the best they have brought in a long time, i hope they dont f*ck up this angle, I like seeing them in that shady camera and ambrose is great at cutting promos, yet... don´t know to whom they should be feuding like for real, right now its just like, "lets just hate everybody" and i dont see cena-ryback-orton-ADR-Miz teaming up on them
    I would love to see ambrose win at the RR tho :emoji_grin:
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  14. Their quest to right injustice works perfectly with attacking everyone at the moment. I just wish RAW gave them more time to explain some of their attacks to really push the fact that their whole gimmick is based on writing wrongs they think are there.

    Ambrose winning the RR would be special, I would mark :nope:
  15. and please please dont give us the "heyman was behind the shield all along", i like them working independant, with no affiliation to nobody, being just chaotic in their search for "justice"
  16. If the Rock loses at the Rumble, I'm betting The Shield cost him the match because they don't feel he 'deserves' a title shot. I hope they at least have a segment leading to the Rumble where the Shield confronts him saying he doesn't deserve to just come in and challenge for the belt (although if you ask me, beating the biggest star in the main event of WM is more than enough reason to get to demand a title shot.)
  17. injustice because you only come here once a year!!, it´s like the perfect setup, too bad the feud wouldnt last more than 1 or 2 shows due to the rock not being a full time superstar
  18. Talk about a long burning feud. "Bye Rock thanks for this year, see you next year!"
  19. and with the rock cutting his promos via satellite... :yes:
    but :nope: thanks
  20. You just backed up BLFFL. :facepalm:
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