The Shield are pussys

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. The Shield are pussys they cant even fight Ryback on their own and they ran away like scared little girls when Sheamus and Randy Orton came to the ring
  2. I need to pee
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  3. This just makes an already hilarious night much funnier.
  4. ur a pussy, u just stare at wrestlers rather than talking to them
  5. your way to work the marks have grown stale brother
  6. Randy is the freaking VIPER! Who wouldn't run away from that?! Sheamus has threatened to kick peoples heads in! AND RYBACK!? RYBACK IS OUT OF CONTROL! HE HURT PUNK! I'd run away too
  7. :isee: I understand
  8. yeah, you are right, cuz i would have rather watched 20 minutes of "2 moves" ryback, "fella" shaemus and orton than the epic promo between cena and DZ.......
  10. And the Shield claim their tough men lol NOT they ran away like scared little girls I told you all they would fail and they have just release those three
  11. Well they are what they eat.
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  12. I think that kk manages the shield .... :upset:
  13. Hows it going for Maddox? He got a job yet or is he sucking cock by the wayside yet?
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  14. Seabs had the right idea but then things soured. First person at the scene of a BLFFL thread has to make an INTERESTING first OT post so others will join that discussion. Seabs tried, but his pee line just wasn't interesting enough. Next time try a simple debate: Blondes or brunettes? Tits or ass? Pancakes or waffles?
  15. Heroin or Cocaine?
  16. Only done coke once and it is not for me. So I'll go heroin by default. You can smoke heroin right? I know shooting up is the preferred method, but I'm not big on needles.
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