The Shield as individuals

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HIGH FLYER, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. What gimmick would be good for each of them? I doubt they'll each keep the SWAT team deal going if they're not together anymore.. any thoughts?
  2. Ambrose can psychotic deal, as for Rollins and Reigns I'm not too sure, I'm sure they'll work something out.
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  3. Ambrose can adopt a doink the clown gimmick
    Rollins should adopt Benoit's old Japanese gimmick Flying Pegasus
    Reigns can start wearing silk shirts and become the new People's champ
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  4. I thought Reigns would have a Samoan deal going on.. "going back to my roots" type of thing.. N Ambrose being a total psycho makes sense.. I'm not to sure about Rollins, though..
  5. Reigns with dat classic samoan shit.
    Rollins with dat mosh pit shit.
    Ambrose with dat crazy shit.
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  6. I like dat shit
  7. I see rollins fading into obscurity once the shield dissolves.
  8. Ambrose will be stuck as a midcard with a Psycho Sid type gimmick
    Reigns will go back to his heritage and be a Samoan Triple H type gimmick
    Rollins will become the next "Best in the World" (Fuck that other guy)
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  9. Ambrose will play the psycho "Dangerous Dean!"
    Reigns will play The Zeus/Godlike Immortal.
    and Rollins will play the role of Sin Cara!
  10. Would love to see Ambrose with a rap gimmick.
  11. if you mean a white guy who thinks he can rap but fails miserably, john cena already cornered that market.
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  12. Cena's rap gimmick was gold so I disagree.
  13. if you mean gold as in "lol look at this corny wigger" then yeah i agree.
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  14. Yeah no
  15. well, to each their own. :pity1:
  16. Agreed.
  17. :notsure:
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  18. Cena is an absolutely talentless "rapper" and the gimmick was shit.
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  19. As a babyface the rapper gimmick didnt work but as a heel it was fun, his delivery was perfect for the role.
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  20. Probably the fact that I didn't watch when he did it and I've only looked back on it in hindsight, but I just find it cringeworthy. Ooooooo he wore a Celtics jersey in MSG ooooooooooo


    I guess if you mean his delivery was perfect for the role you meant he was a shitty rapper and it made people hate his harsh words even more, I guess there could be something to that.
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