The Shield coming out to attack people is getting tiresome

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. The Shield coming out to attack people is getting tiresome seriously how long are WWE gonna have them do this for??? this gimmick is getting old fast either put them in a feud with someone or release them
  2. Threesome?

    The Shield?

    Wow, this is a PG forum, lady.. Watch your mouth..
  3. Almost as tiring as your perpetual threads expressing your dislike for The Shield.
  4. inb4 we merge all Shield Threads
  5. 1. they are in a feud, with ryback, orton and sheamus
    2. is not getting tiresome
    3. you are getting tiresome

    in some other forums your nickname would be the flamer, ... its ok, every forum needs one
    yup, the noob has spoken.... shock
  6. I find them mote interesting in their current routine than seeing Brad Maddox getting squashed almost everytime he steps into the ring :pity1:

    Wait ...actually ..I like both. lol
  7. i agree with BLFFL, although the Shield is very talented, what they're doing is blatantly repetitive. They come down and attack for no reason and they're not even given a lot of time to express or show off their characters aside from those promo videos. The Shield to me are just those talented guys who just attack people. I think they need more promo time and less time attacking people.
  8. We got a promo from them on Smackdown this week were they explained their actions.
  9. Have I ever told you how tiresome your threads are?

    Release them. That's the answer for everything for you.
  10. Didn't see it yet. Thanks for reminding Smackdown comes on tonight
  11. Holy shit, that's awesome. :shock:
  12. Thanks...I made it myself :smug:

    Did I fuck....
  13. :dawg:
  14. It kinda is but they are going to ride that horse as far as it will take um. #wwelogicsucks
  15. I'm fine with it, I rather WWE take their time with this and figure out exactly what to do with The Shield rather than them getting rushed, buried and forgotten about.
  16. :dawg: They do that all too well though!
  17. BLFFL is a Russian man who sings, now you know
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  18. At least someone in this thread agrees with me and has a brain and can see how repetitive and tiresome it is
  19. Keep on singing, someone's aught to be listening. I am of a different opinion though.
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