The Shield Ends Tonight January 27 2014

Discussion in 'RAW' started by aRandomguy, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Who else thinks The Shield will fall apart tonight on Raw. Or Rollins and Ambrose turn on Reigns because he eliminated them both in the Rumble last night?
  2. I too think The Shield ends tonight. It'll probably be Ambrose and Rollins vs Reigns but I doubt I'll be the biggest fan of that. It'll just end with Ambrose and Rollins looking pretty shitty.
  3. I'm hoping for that to be the start and it be a slow burn until Mania, culminating in Rollins and Ambrose vs Reigns, with the latter coming out victorious. :obama:
  4. Yeah I don't think Rollins and Ambrose have the talent that Reigns has. But I would kinda like to see them break up and Reigns goes on to singles competition. And sooner rather than later gets a title shot. Maybe not The World Heavyweight Championship but maybe The Intercontinental or United States Championship.
  5. Read the first sentence, stopped reading.
  6. Ambrose >

    Dude is the future bro. I'll turn you to the light side soon enough :emoji_slight_smile:.
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  7. ambright side*
  8. You might be right about Ambrose because you know how WWE is, they favor some superstars and make them look good.
  9. In this case they definitely prefer Reigns dude. Ambrose will get some pretty jobber treatment in my opinion, but his superior talent will win you over.
  10. Why don't we all just join The Shield.
  11. I don't think Seth Rollins will care as much as Ambrose does.
    But to answer the general question, yes personally I believe it ends tonight.. Reigns is going to spear the shit out of Ambrose while Rollins just dips out and says fuck you both :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. I think you're exactly right
  13. SHIELD's not officially ending til Elimination Chamber. SHIELD triple threat is happening at 'Mania. HAS TO!
  14. I hope not. Neither of them will look good in other wrestling gear
  15. Watch out we got fashion police over here.
  16. I think it will happen at EC tbh, the triple threat that is.

    I hope they split up like this, Reigns in the high card, Ambrose in the lower mid card, and Seth in the Tag Team Division with someone else.. Personally I think he was the best during multiple person tag matches and he can continue to be gold in those kind of matches. Also I think with the roster they currently have Seth may get lost in the singles division and end up lower midcard to even buried eventually..
    Reigns is the best but Rollins is my favorite out of the three, I hope he sticks around for a decent bit.
  17. Well It's Time To Watch It All Unfold.
  18. nope.
  19. business as usual for dem boys
  20. The title hurt me so much!

    I was literately about to scream 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" and throw an AJ fit.
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