The Shield Feud Incoming?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 4, 2015.

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    This is just based off my perspective on how things are going to play out leading from the Royal Rumble. It's been rumored ever since the summer of 2014 that Roman Reigns is the favourite to win the Royal Rumble match, which would leave him to defeating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Now what we also need to remember is that Dean Ambrose's feud with Bray Wyatt was just a filler feud to extend his ongoing feud with Seth Rollins. Now if you've read my Royal Rumble thread, there might be a chance when all three Shield members come face to face in the Royal Rumble match.

    This would be the setting stone to continue the Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose feud until Wrestlemania. I don't want to go through Fast Lane which would probably have Roman Reigns Vs. Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose Vs. J & J Security, something along those lines. But lets fast forward to Wrestlemania where we have the final bout between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. I think it would only be fair to have Dean Ambrose win that match since he hasn't been booked the strongest, only for later on during the night, we have Reigns win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, only to get cashed in on. Now with rumors flowing that Brock Lesnar is leaving after Mania, it wouldn't be a shocker if we saw a triple threat between The Shield members as soon as Extreme Rules.

    This can actually go on until Summerslam and can be a set of very entertaining matches. Thoughts?
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  2. Actually, scratch the Fast Lane feud part. I think that's where Randy Orton will be feuding with Seth Rollins.
    Ambrose will probably be feuding with a Luke Harper I suppose since he's still aligned with The Authority.
  3. Everything would be perfect, except for Daniel Bryan returning. Ziggler is most likely to win MITB 2015 at the moment IMO, so him staying where he is until then is fine with me.
  4. This is a plausible scenario.

    We'll know for sure if it's happening post-WM.
  5. I've been down for a SHIELD triple threat since Extreme Rules of 2014.
  6. I could see a triple threat feud happening sometime after WM.. Seth is the definite heel, Roman the definite face, and Ambrose is a tweener.. so it would work very well.

    Would be very entertaining for sure.
  7. I'd enjoy this. I would indeed bet that Rollins faces Ambrose and Reigns wins the strap at WM. As far as Fast lane goes Idk if they'd book all of them together (but since it's filler they can do whatever lol), but post-WM they may do it. It'd be fun.
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  8. Fast Lane. LOL at it every time I read that cheesy name.

    Anyways, the ex-Shield triple-threat could definitely happen post-WM. I don't see it happening any time sooner, quite frankly.

    One scenario is, Reigns wins the Rumble and then the title at Mania, but gets cashed in on by Rollins. Then, they feud for that title and Ambrose gets added to the mix a little bit later on.

    The other scenario is D-Bry winning the Rumble, defeating The Beast, but still gets cashed in on by Rollins. Then they feud till SummerSlam, where Bryan regains the title.
    Let's say Ambrose wins the MITB this year, then... Déjà vu from 2013 and Ambrose cashes in on Bryan. Then, maybe, we could get the ex-Shield triple-threat.

    I mean, there are a whole bunch of scenarios we can discuss, really.
  9. I think on that Reigns wins belt, Rollins cashes in scenario you don't even have to hold Ambrose off. Have they do Rollins/Ambrose at WM, Dean wins, then when Rollins is the champ he can claim #1 contendership right off the bat and Reigns will want his rematch. Then they'll get mad at each other as well because they'll both be gunning for the same guy. There.
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  10. Another good scenario, right there. I like it.

    We'll see if it truly happens, though.
  11. Yeah, basically this. I implied it in the OP, but you get my flow.
  12. Such an idea of course requires that WWE actually allows Rollins to successfully cash in and doesn't Sandow him.
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  13. Yes. They'd better not fuck it up with Rollins.
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  14. If they do I might just stop watching all together, seeing as Seth is the only reason that I keep watching RAW at all at this point with Dean booked as horribly as he is and Paige and AJ not being on TV at this point.
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