The Shield mini backstage promo on SD

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    Didn't really like the whole camera thing, but holy fuck Ambrose :gusta:

    **Edited, sorry go to 4:20 I meant to add**
  2. I liked the camera work. Sets them up as outside of the WWE machine since it was made to look badly cut. Kind of like the early NWO promos.

    Good promo. Everyone handled themselves well there but Ambrose shined like a star.
  3. I liked the idea of it being poor quality and videoed by a handheld camera, but it's not like they can't afford a decent camera and the names popping up looked silly.

    But anyway, being picky, totally agree, absolutely loved it.
  4. Reigns said his name... did he say anything else? Ambrose is the Barrett here, so far ahead on the stick.
  5. That's all he needs to do, the problem I have is Rollins seems to be doing quite a bit of talking. Thankfully he didn't say much there but his promo on Raw was v.poor and he can't just stand there and be big like Reigns can. I don't think he suits this group in the slightest.
  6. Yeah Reigns needs to do more to be even slightly worthwhile imo, Rollins is alot better for me.
  7. Reigns looks good in the group but I get the feeling he's gonna offer very little aside from that. I don't like Rollins in it either though, I'd rather they were replaced by Hero and some other NXT dude, Rollins is so so much better as a face IMO.
  8. I really enjoyed it, it fits their gimmick.
  9. Not bad, I thought Ambrose and Roman played their parts good, but Seth seemed odd to me. He wasn't bad, just had an out of place feeling for some reason.
  10. I don't like the camera crap, pretty silly. Also, I agree with Dr. Cm Punk, Ambrose and Reigns were intense... Rollins not so much, he really did seem out of place.
    Regardless, this is a pretty cool promo.
  11. Came for The Shield, stayed for Cesaro :obama:
  12. Fucking brilliant. Ambrose keeping his psychotic side too, this was absolutely fantastic. The camera work is something I coincidentally nearly made a thread about - it needs to happen more often. What a fantastic promo. Seabs rightly said, Dean is the Barrett of this group, that type of promo is main event calibre all over. I simply can't take Rollins as a heel, sorry, and Reigns shouldn't speak ever.
  13. I have a horrible feeling Reigns will get the big face push solely because of the way he looks. Seth will never be someone I look forward to hearing speak but he is the best face fit.
  14. I don't think Reigns looks like a face, and he is diabolical on the mic. He'll be the enforcer type of the group, the strongly booked guy, similar to how Ryback was booked in Nexus.

    But to be honest, I'm loving this angle too much to moan about the future. Reigns has an amazing look though so I won't be raging if he gets it, but he's not exactly the most entertaining, where as Rollins is an awesome face. It didn't take Rollins long to get over on NXT with that mosh gimmick.
  15. I think you meant Reigns there right? I have a hard time seeing Rollins as a muscle bound enforcer :dawg:
  16. Yeah I meant Reigns lmao
  17. Re: RE: The Shield mini backstage promo on SD

    Assuming you mean Reigns doesn't look like a face lol.... I just see him in the Batista role, you know how the attempted to push Mason Ryan for a few weeks after the New Nexus? imo Ambrose jobbing to Rollins in 2014 at WM after Dean holds the belt for 6+ months would be gold for both especially after Rollins wins the RR.
  18. No, you were talking about this monster, admit it.

    Nightmare bait.
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  19. Rolleigns?
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