The Shield Reforming as heels?

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Would you want the shield to reform?

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  1. Do you guys think the shield should reform as heels? I think they should. They did a triple power bomb at Payback which is a sign that they could reform. Romans push failed and seth and ambrose arent doing much despite the title match at the elimination chamber. They could work as the authoritys guards. Whats your thoughts?
  2. No I don't think they should. Reigns and Ambrose quickly turned on Seth after the triple powerbomb anyway.
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  3. I want it as much as I want to see them back in NXT, are you out of your mind?
  4. Not at all.
  5. The Shield ended. I don't see any reason for them to reform.. Roman's push didn't fail, just because he's not the World Champion doesn't mean it failed. He's still a big star, Ambrose is over like crazy as a babyface and Rollins is doing great with the Authrority.. Reforming The Shield would be a step backwards for all of them. They're doing bigger and better things right now.
  6. No, that would be a huge step back for all three men. Move forward, not backwards. There'll no doubt be a short-lived reunion between them some four or five years from now, but in order for that reunion to have any impact and feel like a true "homecoming", they need to be apart for a hell of a lot longer than a year. That's barely anytime at all. And reforming the group as heels would never work since the whole concept of the group is too cool to ever boo again, no matter who they triple-powerbombed through a table.

    Also, the entire show has more or less centered around Seth Rollins for about the past year and this Sunday he's scheduled to defend the WWE Championship against his former Shield brethren Dean Ambrose. I'd hardly call that "not doing much." Even if I were to, hitting the reset button and reverting back to something that all three guys have already grown out of wouldn't be the answer.
  7. Yep,being world champ isn't doing much at all. :pity2:
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  8. I voted "yes" simply because I'd love to see them reform for one event or match (kind of like what happened for a moment at payback).

    I wouldn't mind them all triple power bombing Brock, for example. Or teaming up for a tag match on raw and having to face another team. This doesn't mean it's permanent. It would simply be fun to know that like triple h is making them team up for one fight. Or they have a mutual enemy or something.
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  9. I said despite there title match at elimination chamber. :facepalm2:
  10. It would equal the rock returning to the nation after winning his first world title.
  11. You really lost that touch man.
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