Summerslam The Shield Reunion Theory

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Jul 26, 2017.

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  1. So...I just read a very interesting rumor...and while its only a rumor...
    I thought I'd lay it out here and also go into what could possibly be
    the big finish for the years Summerslam.

    So the rumor I just read is that Dean "Human Chipmunk" Ambrose and
    Seth "Check out my Cock" Rollins may-be teaming up to face Cesaro
    and Sheamus for the RAW tag titles at Summerslam.

    Now its just a rumor...but when you add in the possible Miz/Jason Jordan
    feud on the horizon and the fact the Hardyz & the Revival seem set for a
    Summerslam doesn't leave Cesaro & Sheamus or Ambrose &
    Rollins with much to do.

    So...and here is my main point.

    We all know the WWE has been trying to get Roman Reigns over for some
    time (3 years?) and they may be setting up for their final gambit so to speak.


    What if...and its a big WHAT IF at Summerslam...Ambrose & Rollins won the
    tag titles and then appeared during the 4 way main event to help Reigns claim
    the Universal title.

    Then after Summerslam the reformed Shield could feud with the Balor Club
    or possibly a reformed Wyatt Family with Wyatt, Strowman and possibly either
    Harper or Rowan in a trade from Smackdown.

    How would feel about that?

    Do you think it would work?

    Would it be a fitting end to the second biggest event on the WWE calender?

    Post your thoughts, comments, opinions and abuse below...and I'll see you
    all around the traps.

    (Also...and just on a side note...if they do have Jason Jordan feud with the Miz...
    Emma should so team up with Jason...hell...they even teased it this week)
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  2. Dean "Human Chipmunk" Ambrose.....
    :smirk2: Thats Funny! @Grievous
    I'll remember that If I ever see him LIVE Again.
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  3. I wouldn't put it past them to try it. Not sure even that will get Roman cheered at this point, best to keep him as the face that nobody can stand and be a heel without doing a heel turn.
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  4. I don't think the shield will reunite. I think Rollins and Ambrose will possibly face the Miz in a triple threat at Summerslam for the IC but Miz will go over. I could see Ambrose and Rollins still sticking together and possibly challenging for the tag title and having a short run and them dropping the belts to the Revival. After that one of them (probably Ambrose) will turn heel and then they will have a feud. Reigns will stay in the main event scene
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  5. I am sort of MEH on the Shield reunion possibility. I think it's cool like if they work together during a Royal Rumble or other battle royal or something for a cheap pop, but the Shield days are behind and I'm not too crazy on the idea either way.
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  6. I'd be ok with it if they did it as A ONE TIME thing like Jake said. Other than that, I dnt want them to stay being the shield
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  7. I say this has potential to be a good storyline, although I would not want a full blown long term reunion. I think that if the three would get back together for one match only on PPV to fight a common enemy, then it can be great, and they can do something with it afterwards. They can have either Dean or Roman (or both) turn on Seth, it can bring new life into two characters who either could use something to freshen them up, or bring new life into a currently failing babyface and maybe give Seth what he needs to become the perfect babyface he can be. The stuff between him and Ambrose right now is already great, with him legit finally trying to make amends for what happened when he broke the Shield and the tension between them is great, but a temporary Shield Reunion for one night only can be a great way to open up some potential Wrestlemania matches.
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    I love the idea of them getting the Shie together (Ambrose + Rollins) to face Sheamus and Cesaro in a No-DQ match for example, and Cesaro lays out both guys with a chair, with Ambrose on the outside Rollins fires up, roars, clears the ring with big news, jumps through a toupee, grabs Sheamus, hits a Knee-Trigger and all of a sudden that chair hits Rollins right in the back... Camera turns around and Ambrose looks with a sadistic look, licking the back of the chair... as he stabs his brother in the back just like he did him. Beat Seth with the chair, Sheamus and Cesaro pick the bones...
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    If WWE does this, they would position Roman Reigns as their leader. The reason I say this is because WWE has marketed him for some time now as being very independent and borderline arrogant. The fans would hate every minute of this particular arrangement.

    Appointing Seth Rollins as leader because of past circumstances doesn't work either. They would be required to undo Reigns current persona and make him suddenly compliant. Once the reunion ended, they would then be forced to rewire fans brains to accept Reigns as independent once more.

    Reopening this in 7-10 years when hierarchy is less impactful would be optimal. The DX reunion was successful because HBK allowed HHH to lead. In the Evolution reunion, Randy Orton and Batista did the same. It's human nature for a leader to be appointed in group dynamics and the Shield would be no different in this situation.

    A Shield reunion in 2017 would be counterproductive because the intradynamics between the members would upset the fans and convolute WWE plans for each individual member long term.
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  10. Nah, The Shield reunion should come at a later date. Like at Survivor Series.
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  11. Another problem with a current Sheild reunion is there isn't another stable big enough that would be taken seriously against the 3 top guys in the company. Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns getting back together to overcome The Miz with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel is laughable for a reason to have to reform their group
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  12. All they want to do is erase Dean as the leader by acting like it was Seth when this wasn't the story at first

    Just because Dean doesn't suck up like Seth you wanna change the tune all the sudden WWE? No fuck you sorry.

    Dean was the leader, Seth was his right hand man & Roman enforced

    Not Seth>Roman>Dean

    Fuck Seth & Roman.
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  13. Maybe it's just me but the shield really didn't reach memorable stable status until the last few months of before Rollins' heel turn, I was more excited for their singles runs quite honestly. So three years later for them to reunite after all that has gone down I guess it could work but I feel like three years is still too soon. However with the Idea you purposed they'd have to be turning heel for interfering in the fatal four way which would lead to a babyface bullet Bálor ( or AJ...) Club which could be interesting. But then what's the endgame? Do they just go their separate ways peacefully or do they slowly start to hate each other again in typical WWE faction booking manor? Who knows but a shield reunion would open a lot of windows for potential storylines:

    Shield Vs. Sanity

    Shield Vs. HHH and his NXT army

    Shield Vs. New Day

    I'd say a full Shield reunion isn't even necessary. Rollins and Ambrose have so much chemistry with each other they could have a solid tag team run if they keep this current angle going.
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  14. Point taken.

    I acknowledge Ambrose as their original leader. I'm also aware that Dean Ambrose was initially selected for Randy Orton's spot in the Authority in 2013.

    However, it was discovered at some point that Seth Rollins was better on the mic than was originally suspected. It was then that plans were put in gear to frame him as the architect and subsequent traitor.

    The truth is HHH's crown jewel has always been Seth Rollins. Rollins was the inaugural NXT champion and the best in ring talent from The Shield. Of course, it only made sense for HHH to prefer Rollins once he had properly developed.

    I've included a short three minute interview of Roman Reigns by Chris Jericho detailing how The Shield came to be:

    So there you have it, WholeFN'Moe. Dean Ambrose was an afterthought; and today Dean Ambrose is still just an afterthought. Vince, on the other hand, loved Reigns so he used the Shield to get Roman over.
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    It was discovered Seth was better at sucking HHH & Romans ass more like it

    Dean Ambrose was the leader the whole way through & he's the fucking man regardless so
    I don't give a shit what Vince or WWE says... lol it's WWE XD

    Seth Rollins is an overrated suckup, just like Bret said... I almost respect Roman more because Seth sucks his ass so much I kinda wish Roman would smack him
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  16. I can see The Shield reuniting briefly, around Survivor Series as suggested to support Seth in his match with Lesnar. Then at about Elimination Chamber I can see Roman, would up at losing the Rumble, going crazy on both of them in order to ensure that he gets in that chamber so that he has a chance at taking on Lesnar.

    Though if WWE have changed their mind and Roman is winning at Summerslam (I'm predicting a Lesnar retain, personally) then they won't reunite because Seth will win the belt at Survivor Series.
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  17. I think they've left the reunion too long, wouldn't be believable and they don't have any credible heels to program. However, it may be a good way to rehab Reigns as a babyface if they still want to to do that.