The Shield Should Never Lose As A Group

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. I know they have to lose one day. Maybe singles matches, maybe tag team matches where only two out of three of them are wrestling, but I think it'd be awesome if one day we could look back after they implode and break up(for whatever reason, I have my own ideas about that) and say that they were so dominant as a cohesive unit that no one could beat them when they were all three wrestling together, no matter what combination of three guys they went up against (Ryback/Team Hell No, Ryback/Cena/Sheamus, Ryback/Jericho/Sheamus, Big Show/Randy Orton/Sheamus, Undertaker/Team Hell No, hopefully a Triple H captained team in the near future, etc.)
  2. The chances are a story line will show them getting beat one day. That is just sort of what happens. There are some interesting ways to do it but chances are will be something like an inside argument, picking them off one by one backstage or something of sorts.
  3. Someone (probably a group of people) picking them off one by one backstage or in the ring is the main idea I had for their breakup. They end up as the ones who start to get sneak attacked and overwhelmed and one by one, they fall. This leads to dissension and implosion on their part. I wrote a long post detailing how this could exactly play out once.

    And I'm not saying they should never be beat period (if they do win the tag titles, they obviously will job to lose the titles at some point), just not as a group as far as six-men tag matches go. I know this is the way it usually goes, a group eventually gets their comeuppance but there's nothing wrong with bucking the trend here and there.
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  4. I'd absolutely love that to happen, and it definitely could happen logically (booking their break up in one of the ways Stopspot suggested would be a good way to go about it) but unfortunately I don't have enough faith in WWE to believe they'll actually go the distance and have The Shield remain undefeated as a group. I sure as hell would if I was in charge though.
  5. It makes more sense that they don't lose as a group. They are billed as being so great at 3 v 3 and the numbers game blah blah blah JBL always rants about it while they wrestle in 6 man tag matches.. the chemistry, all of it. They really shouldn't lose especially since most of the time (see: all of the time) they are just wrestling 3 guys with no chemistry who have come together to try and stop the Shield.
  6. You should write for the WWE! I really like this :yay:
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  7. Here's the old post I found (found it a lot easier than I thought I would) about how I'd probably break The Shield up:

  8. Great idea, I was thinking about this myself the other day after they beat Taker and Team Hell No. Well, they weren't beat as a team by these three (and there's internal chemistry there), so who could beat them? No team, really, and three people randomly coming together to do it and disband afterwards is sort of useless. I agree.
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