The Shield split

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Jun 17, 2014.

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  1. Just me that's totally confused with the whole Ambrose/Rollins/Reigns angle? There are so many loose ends and illogical ideas here. To build up the Shield as one of the GOAT factions, just for a Ambrose vs Rollins match seems like a waste. Feels like the Rollins turn was a really rushed decision.
  2. I just found it weird that this week apparently Ambrose and Reigns have nothing to do with each other anymore.
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  3. Sounds like your typical WWE botched booking.
  4. Yep. A combination of that and wanting to focus on Reigns far more than his e:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:artners.
  5. Sooooooooooooooo glad I didn't get my fucking triple threat match at Mania

    OH WAIT NO I'M NOT :aries:
  6. i cried when seth turned his back on his brothers
  7. I like how it's been handled so far. It's only been two weeks so I'm not ready to bury it just yet.

    I for one am glad that we didn't get the triple threat match at Wrestlemania. Because now later on down the road when all three men are established main eventers and they square off in a triple threat match with the WWE Championship on the line, it'll be all the more historical and memorable knowing that it's the first time they've all competing with each other in the ring at once (as opposed to already seeing it at this year's Mania.)
  8. Well I thought I saw somewhere that the decision to have Rollins turn was made the day before the last PPV where the Shield beat Evolution. So thats like 2 days before it happened on RAW. Yeah, I'd say thats a little rushed lol.
  9. hilarious that you think Rollins and Ambrose have that bright of a future. Reigns is the only one WWE has a hard on for
  10. I wouldn't say that. I think Rollins is going places. When I spoke to my friend's wife (Rollin's cousin) she said she thinks WWE has something in mind for him, but how accurate that statement is may be questionable. I wouldn't expect her to know any big details. I did ask her to let me know if she hears anything though, so heres to hoping.
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  11. of course they think that now. I just don't see WWE successfully pushing Rollins, or really having much interest in doing so.
  12. :true:
    They do have a tendency to fuck things up royally
  13. Seth hasn't been selected by the gods who choose main eventers. He will toil in mid card hell with the rest of the have nots.
  14. After how they've booked The Shield thus far, I think Ambrose and Rollins' futures are certainly bright enough to get multiple world title shots, and at the very least, one world title victory somewhere in there as well. Obviously they have a hard-on for Reigns more than the other two, but I don't see them letting Ambrose and Rollins just fall by the wayside. They're more or less the strongest booked group in WWE history (well, kinda, when you consider they debuted this way.)
  15. If that Is true and they are not pushed, it makes me wonder if watching nxt really means something. I mean, one would think the NXT champions would be the future of WWE, but seeing seth rollins, who was extremely over with the NXT crowd not even getting a main-event push would kill the point of watching that show at all. I want to think that WWE wouldn't be that obnoxious. Also, I am an ambrose mark, so it would also suck to see him in mid-card hell
  16. The idea that WWE aren't high on Rollins is ludicrous. If they weren't they would not have made him the center part of their developmental system for 2 years nor part of the most dominant faction in wrestling since DX arguably. FCW was centered around him, NXT was built in large on him.
  17. What do you expect out of his WWE career at this point? And I would be willing to bet anything he accomplishes less than you have in mind
  18. To be one of the central points of the franchise going forward. He'll never be THE guy. But he'll be one of the top guys,as he has been positioned to be since debuting on the main roster with Reigns and Ambrose. He'll be up about or around Jericho or Edge levels. Upper midcard/main event.

    I am not a clouded mark that expects him to be a 17x world champ and the face of the company. But there's no shame in being the HHH/Macho/Edge/Jericho/Orton to Reigns Cena/Hogan/Austin/Rock.

    People seem to think WWE seeing value in a guy starts and ends with "is this guy THE guy?".
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  19. Every guy that isn't "The guy" is "going to be like Jericho" according to everyone lol.

    I cannot see him being one of the top players of this generation.
  20. Cool. Time for Reigns to get his mega push
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