The Shield standing on the ring apron like fools

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  1. The Shield standing on the ring apron on this weeks Smackdown like fools lol they are just lap dogs for CM Punk they are so doing all this attack stuff for CM Punk. Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins clearly have no balls to stand up to CM Punk and do what they want to do. You know what would actually make me like them is if they screw CM Punk and Rock wins the title but since there not allowed to interfer in the match then that cant happen but screwing over CM Punk would be fucking awesome
  2. Do you know they were told not to attack by Vince and the writers? They were told to stand there and act scared?
  3. Shhh.. Kayfabe!!!!

    It will be revealed that CM punk has hypnotic powers and he mesmerized the shield into non attack mode!!!

    This is how he will beat the rock!
  4. I know right, what pussies.
  5. they didn´t look scared to me:mad:
  6. Yada yada yada yada..

    Shut your damn mouth, woman!
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  7. Yeah as ive said before the Shield are pussys
  8. The Shield in pussy style

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  9. Its keyfabe part of the story
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