The Shield Summit - Smackdown 3/7/14

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Just Kevin, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. This was a great promo and further divides the Shield as those thoughts of Rollins' betrayal (lesson) will linger.
    All 3 members did very well on the mic... great acting all around.

    So, what's next for the Shield?
    What do you guys think?
  2. that was awesome
    problem was Roman and Dean didnt get their aggression at each other out
    I expect to see Shield go on a rampage for a few weeks until they lose again to the Wyatts at Mania assuming Bray vs Cena isnt on
  3. I thought it was a solid segment that adds fuel to their impending breakup.

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  4. It's fairly obvious where this storyline is going with The Shield breaking up and going against each other, but I'd honestly much prefer them go the opposite way.

    I'd have them go through a downwards spiral where they temporarily break up because of The Wyatt Family's mind games, only for them to come to their senses and realign at 'Mania to verse The Wyatt Family again and this time overcome their mind games. Would be a pretty feel good moment for them to put aside their differences and overcome The Wyatt Family's mindgames, they could go their separate ways after or have a little face run (which I think would be money) before they do finally break up.

    My idea obviously won't happen and I'm fine the way it's going currently, but I don't think I'll be able to cope with RAW without The Shield together. Rollins may be the glue to The Shield itself, but The Shield is the glue to RAW and have carried it for the past year straight. Hell, I'd even argue that The Shield made Daniel Bryan during their matches in that weak link storyline. The inevitable Rollins/Reigns/Ambrose feud is money, but I don't believe it needs to be done right now. They should milk this cash cow for as long as they possibly can, it's nowhere near dead yet.
  5. What a great segment. Ambrose looking like a little girl after all the shit he has pulled, Roman didnt need to say or do anything, and Rollins was a damn boss. The glue isnt going to hold much longer, really looking forward to Roman destroying Ambrose and Rollins getting his back in the next 2 weeks.

    The match is going to be amazing.
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  6. Great segment. Nothing much more to add than that.
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  7. It sets up Seth Rollins for a proper singles run as opposed to him simply grabbing Reigns' coattails into a face run in which nobody understand why he's chosen that path
    Rollins character needed this part of their angle to establish himself as his own man
    Reigns doesn't need any more of a push or rub than he's already receiving and Ambrose having insecurity despite being champ, works.

    For those who say Rollins can't work the stick are delusional. Its not a weakness at all for him
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  8. Freakin' awesome segment. All the Rollins haters can suck it, heard so much about how he'll never be anything because he can't talk, well he is just fine as a talker.

    Best thing about this is there's so many ways they can go, some we may not even think of, and they all not only make sense but are awesome. They can have this just fuel the fire when they do split up, and you'd be like "Woooo, hell yeah! Shield singles pushes!" because if all of these guys aren't at least occasional main eventers by Summerslam next year then WWE screwed up and we all know it. Ambrose and Reigns could keep fighting, they could start getting along and turn on Rollins, Rollins can continue his decent by attacking the other two, they all could just brawl and have their triple threat and go their separate ways... Is there even a bad option here? Are there other ones that could be even cooler? OR they can do the 2014 version of a swerve, and after they say "they're standing united" they actually do that and stay together. Woo, yeah, more Shield! Sounds good to me!

    The one bad option would be sticking anyone else in this angle, and that's not something Vince would do.

    Watched this segment with my friend, and he was really trying to wrap his brain around what's going on. Were the Shield Morrison-turned and are just face, and Rollins turned heel? Were they already a heel group and aren't supposed to be nearly as cool as they are? From a wrestling context this was really confusing, but it gets you thinking that the outdated pure face-heel dynamic is FINALLY dying off. :yay: It's just a bunch of dudes with their own unique characteristics who are awesome in their own little way and are attacking each other because they have issues, and not because one guy's jumping from one side of the wipey-board to the other.

    Love this angle so much.
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  9. God, I honestly don't want The SHIELD to break up..... I would say they could still have The SHIELD triple threat and Rollins' could say that the match is too settle who is the top dog. The next night, the winner will be the leader but the other 2 don't like it. (Having Ambrose win would be a perfect example) but..... pls don't end The Shield :emoji_cry:
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